Rzg. Mind Pollution

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 39 – June 1987


Part IV of a series on pollution

Cleaning Out the Augean Stables

As the population explosion in the latter half of the 20th Century continues unabated, this once lovely and pristine Planet Earth is becoming unbearably polluted to the point it will no longer be a viable habitat for Nature’s Finest, the White Race. In fact, what with nuclear pollution, chemical pollution, the pollution of our land, our oceans, our lakes, our rivers, our air, the stage is rapidly being set for the extinction of all life on
Planet Earth, except perhaps some most primitive and bizarre aberrations. We Creators are intensively concerned about this spreading cancer and I have written a series of articles about this escalating situation. (See Issue No. 26, “Saving our Precious Planet from Becoming a Chemical Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty”, P. 210 of BWBW; Issue No. 27, “Nuclear Pollution”, P. 245, ibid; Issue No. 36, “Clean Drinking
Water a Scarce Commodity.”)

There are several other areas of pollution that are of major concern to us and need to be brought to the forefront. In this treatise we want to examine one particular phase of pollution from which, I am convinced, stem all our other problems of pollution, in fact, all our other problems. That area of pollution is brain pollution, or more correctly, mind pollution, of our own White Racial Comrades.
This problem is so vast, and of such long standing, that it preceded all other forms of serious pollution in the history of our race. Whereas chemical and nuclear pollution have only become major problems in the last 50 years, mind pollution has been going on since the dawn of history. Even our major classical civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece and Rome were polluted with erroneous and destructive ideas that were dumped like tons of garbage on their gullible and receptive victims. In fact, we, the descendants of these illustrious forebears, are the heirs of much of this ancient garbage, debris that has piled up in our minds like mounds of manure in an uncleaned barn.
All of this reminds me of the story of a Greek myth written thousands of years ago and commonly referred to as “Cleaning out the Augean Stables.” This story is part of the “Twelve Labors of Hercules”, and it makes interesting reading. In fact, I find that most of the classical myths of Ancient Greece and Rome, not to mention Aesop’s Fables, make much more interesting reading and make more sense than do the stupid
stories about Abie, lkie, Jakie and their alleged descendants as set forth in the Old Testament of the Jewish Bible. But let us get back to the story at hand.
The scene of our story is Elis, a mythical little kingdom in the Peloponnesian Peninsula of Ancient Greece. The ruler of Elis was King Augeas, but he is not the hero of our story.
The hero is Heracles, or as he is better known from the Roman myths, the one and only Hercules. The Muses sang proudly of him and proclaimed him to be the strongest man that ever lived. Whereas his great strength was a creditable asset, it also proved to be his greatest problem, as we shall see.
Hercules was the son of the god Jupiter, and of Alcmena. Since the goddess Juno was always hostile to the offspring of her husband by mortal mothers, she declared war against Hercules from birth. She sent two serpents to destroy him as he lay in the cradle, but the precocious infant strangled them both with his bare hands.
Hercules was, however, by the arts of Juno, rendered subject to Eurystheus, King of Mycenae, a weak little man who was a cousin to Hercules.
As Hercules grew up, his superior strength, of which he did not seem to be fully aware, got him into some serious troubles, the details of which we will not go into in this dissertation. Suffice it to say that King Eurystheus imposed upon Hercules “twelve labors” or almost impossible feats he had to perform in order to redeem himself.
It seems that King Augean, mentioned earlier, had a herd of three thousand oxen, whose stables and barnyards had not been cleaned for 30 years. Heaps of dung rose mountain high. No man alive could clean these stables in a year, thought Eurystheus.
In order to humble his powerful cousin. King Eurystheus ordered Hercules to clean the stables of King Augeas. This was the fifth of the twelve labors. We will not go into the details of the other eleven, but take our lesson from how Hercules neatly disposed of this particular mess.
With his tremendous strength, Hercules diverted the course of two rivers, the Alpheus and the Peneus. He flooded these combined waters
through the stables and barnyards of King Augeas, and washed them clean in less than a day. End of story.
* * * * *
Similar to the dung and garbage that piled up in the Augean stables in 30 years, so also has the dung and debris of ideas piled up in the minds of mankind over the thousands of years. Whereas this garbage collection of erroneous, stupid and destructive ideas has been collecting in the minds of Jews, niggers and mud races as well, we of the Church of the Creator are primarily concerned with the garbage collection that has
accumulated in the minds of our own race, our own White Racial Comrades. That collection is considerable, and unfortunately, no Hercules has ever come along to flush away all the B.S. that has been assiduously dumped on the minds of our people over the millenniums. That accumulation is now so overwhelming that it may very well not only suffocate our ability to think straight, but may also render our Planet Earth
an intolerable, stinking cesspool, unfit for human habitation.
* * * * *
The brain of the White Man is one of the most wonderful and complex mechanisms in all of Nature’s realm. In all the billions of years that inferior life has existed on Planet Earth, nothing like it has ever been witnessed before. Or if it has, at least there is no record of it, and with all the fossil evidence we now have available to us, such previous existence is most unlikely.
The brain is the seat of our intelligence, and it houses the human mind, that ethereal quality that enables us to think, to reason, to recall, to imagine and to create. Only a healthy, well-functioning brain that is alive can do that. We know of no dead brain, of no “spirits” that can do that, although there are any number of misguided “mystics” who would have us believe such nonsense.
Just as our physical bodies need proper nourishment of food to which we are biologically adept, so too do our minds need a proper nourishment of ideas to properly function. Just as our bodies need to avoid the ingestion of poison, chemicals and toxins, so also do our minds need to avoid the absorption of destructive and erroneous ideas. In a way our minds are very similar to huge computers (but with several added advantages.) As they say in computer parlance: “Garbage in — garbage out.” So it is with our minds.
Just as much of the foods, medicines, drugs, and chemicals ingested by the bodies of today’s consumers are not beneficial nutrients, but in fact are out right poisons, so too, are not all ideas being slopped upon us (and especially upon our children) beneficial, nor do they necessarily “enrich” our minds. As in the choice of our foods we must necessarily discriminate and be selective, so too must we be even more careful and
selective in the choice of ideas that we embrace as “our own” and profess to “believe in.”
There is one further analogy between the nourishment of the physical body and the ethereal mind, and that is the accumulation of, and disposal of, toxic wastes and poisons. No matter how careful we are in the selection of our diet, the body in its natural processes generates wastes and toxins that must be disposed of daily. This we do by means of our kidneys, by alimentary elimination, by means of our lungs, our
skin, our livers and other bodily functions. If, for instance, our kidneys fail to eliminate uric acids and other wastes for even a day, we are headed for the scrap heap.
If we further abuse our bodies by ingesting drugs, chemicals, medicines and other poisons, we may overload our eliminative systems to the point where they cannot get rid of the toxins as fast as they accumulate, and the result is toxemic poisoning and death. Furthermore, there are heavy metals (such as mercury) and thousands of modern-day chemicals (such as dioxins) that accumulate in our system and stay with us for years, if not the rest of our lives.
Our minds react in a similar fashion. We are today, unfortunately, the heirs to many erroneous, harmful and poisonous ideas that have accumulated in our civilization over the thousands of years. It is these erroneous, harmful and poisonous ideas, many of them deliberately slopped upon us by our enemies, that are slowly but surely killing the White Race in this century. Unfortunately, no Hercules has yet come along to cleanse and flush out of our minds all those poisons, toxins and aberrations that are perpetrating genocide on Nature’s Finest — the White Race itself. Nor is it likely that there ever will be a flushing out of poisonous ideas in one fell swoop or in one day. As Hypatia of
Alexandria said in the Fourth Century C.E. “Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child-mind accepts and believes them, and only after great pain and perhaps tragedy can he
be in after years relieved of them.” (See P. 310 of WMB.) A most astute observation.
The fact is, bad, erroneous and destructive ideas, once implanted in the mind of a child, can, like a drug addiction, linger in the mind for decades, usually for the rest of their lives. Especially those ideas implanted at our mother’s knee in early childhood are the most enduring and will affect us the rest of our lives. That is why the Catholic church brags that “give me a child until he is eight, and we will own him for the rest of
his life.” Yes, like dioxins. PCB, DDT, which can linger in our bodies and/or in our environment for decades, or like the nuclear pollution of Plutonium which has a half-life of 24 thousand years, so too can poisonous ideas linger in our minds for decades, and in our civilization for thousands of years.
As I have already alluded earlier, unfortunately there will never be a Hercules who will come along and flush away the mountainous dung heap of fallacious concepts in one day, or in one fell swoop. It took thousands of years to build this mountainous dung heap and we are going to have to clean it up shovelful by shovelful, one item at a time. However, it need not take thousands of years to do the job. It could be substantially cleaned up in a lifetime, once Creativity is in full swing. Once the White Race gets behind Creativity, once in control of its own destiny it will be like the torrent of several rivers washing away the superstitions, fallacies and idiocies of the millenniums. We will go back to the fundamental wisdom of all eternity: the laws and lessons of Nature.
As a small beginning in cleaning up the mountainous heap of disinformation, I am going to start by listing at random a few of the fundamental misconceptions that have misled and confused mankind from time immemorial, and some that are of more recent vintage.
1. The Spooks in the Sky Swindle. Undoubtedly the most pervasive influence directing the course of human events from time immemorial has been religion. I do not condemn religion as such. A good religion can be extremely constructive, unifying and a guideline to higher aspirations. However, nothing can be more treacherous than a misguided faith in a deceitful hoax. (See “The Spooks in the Sky Swindle”, P. 330, WMB.)
Most religions today are based on the swindle that there are spirits, ghosts, spooks, or what have you, out there somewhere which supposedly are extremely powerful, are in control of our lives, our affairs, our world, our destiny. Not only is there not a shred of evidence to support such a supposition, but nobody has ever even bothered to define just what a spirit is. (See “What is a Spirit?” R.L. No. 29 in this book.)
The most treacherous booby-trap of all time that has ensnared the White Race for the last two thousand years is Christianity, an extremely destructive hoax concocted by our natural enemy, the perfidious Jew. It is driving the White Race towards self-imposed genocide.
2. Belief in life in the “hereafter”, in heaven and hell, eternal life, etc. This is an adjunct of the above. Again, no evidence whatsoever, but these fantasies have been most useful tools in the hands of the enemy, using the carrot and stick approach as a club with which to manipulate the gullible, the superstitious, the weak and the cowardly.
3. The Jews are a special people, they are “God’s chosen.” An idiotic scam giving a major advantage to our natural enemies, free and gratis. Only a perverted monster would choose such a perfidious people as his favorite. (See “Masters of Deceit — A Short History of the Jews”, P. 61, NER.)
4. The Sermon on the Mount. Love your enemies. Sell all thou hast and give it to the freeloaders. Judge not. Turn the other cheek. Pluck out thine eye. Cut off your hand. All the kind of advice you would dispense to an enemy if you wanted to drive him insane enough to destroy himself. One of the basic tenets of the Christian religion. (See “The New Testament”, P. 144, NER.)
5. Belief in the wandering “soul”, that we have lived in a previous life, and that our “soul” will wander into another body when we die. This is also known as “reincarnation”, and widely held by the Buddhists and other eastern religions. Again, there is not a shred of evidence to substantiate this superstitious nonsense, and nobody has ever even bothered to define just what is a “soul.”
6. Belief in the “rapture”. A segment of Christianity that believes a select few of them will be sucked up into the sky at an undisclosed moment “when the Lord returns.” How silly can you get?
7. Belief in prayer. Evidently the “Lord” up in the sky somewhere can be cajoled or flattered into dispensing special favors. Not unlike the practice of bribing government bureaucrats that is so rampant in most Latin American countries (and fairly prevalent in our own.)
8 All men are created equal. This blatant lie, imbedded in our Declaration of Independence, has done more to aid the Jews in their vicious program of race-mixing and mongrelization of the White Race than any other single statement. Nature clearly refutes this deceitful piece of chicanery.
9. In a “democracy” the country is ruled by the will of the majority. Not true in the slightest. America supposedly is the epitome of democracy. But the real power is exercised by big money (The Federal Reserve), by the news media, and by the bureaucracy, all firmly in the hands of a
small coterie of international Jewish gangsters.
10. The Federal Reserve is a Federal Agency, owned and run by the government. Not true. The Federal Reserve is a private gang of international counterfeiters who own and run the government, and, in fact, this same international band of Jewish gangsters runs and controls the world. (See “The Federal Reserve Board”, P. 259, WMB.)
11. The Social Security system will take care of the present working generation in their old age. Another blatant hoax. The Social Security system is nothing more than a deceptive chain letter in which the present generation will be left holding the bag. Whereas the system started out with one Social Security recipient being supported by 15 workers, by the year 2000 (not far away) there will be only two heavily taxed workers for every recipient. That is if the system doesn’t break down in the meantime. Every indication is it will break down long before that.
12. Foreign Aid. (a) We owe every country in the world a huge supportive subsidy (b) This will buy us the friendship of these “needy” countries.
Both premises are false. We have been subsidizing 126 countries, more or less (mostly more), for the last 40 years. We have never been hated by more people and countries in all our history than we are now. The world is in greater turmoil than it has ever been, and more wars,
insurrections and hatreds now abound than ever. In the meantime, due to our feeding and subsidizing, the mud peoples are multiplying like cockroaches at an explosive rate, all the while hating us with a passion. (See “Operation Rip-off”, R.L. No. 35 in this book.)
When I was a young man, aiding the enemy used to be called TREASON. Now it is called FOREIGN AID.
13. The idea that it is to the benefit of America to carry on foreign trade with all the world, carry on unrestricted free trade, or else foreign countries won’t buy from us. Another fraudulent and cruel hoax on the American worker, where the Jews have put him in the position of competing with the coolie workers of Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and other mud peoples, dragging him down to their dismal level. The result for
all plain to see is long unemployment lines, idle factories, our key industries going bankrupt and a plummeting standard of living.
14. The idea that due to our advancing technology, each generation will naturally live a better and more affluent life than their parents. This could be true if the White Man was in control of his own destiny, but since we are being manipulated, exploited and ripped-off by the world’s most deadly parasite, the international Jewish powerhouse, unless we drastically change course nothing but a dismal future of slavery and poverty is in store for the present young generation of White workers. The way the system now operates the harder a White couple works the more free-loaders the government loads onto their back. The fact is that the chance of a young White married couple ever owning their own home are much more dismal now than those of only a generation ago.
15. Tolerance is a virtue. We Creators take the position that when tolerance as such becomes a cop-out in confronting either an insult to our honor or good sense, or a threat to our race, then tolerance is no longer a virtue but an excuse for cowardice. If niggers are moving into your neighborhood, that constitutes a threat to the safety of your family and property, not to mention a property depreciation to the whole neighborhood. To be tolerant and ignore such a situation is essentially a hypocritical piece of cowardice for which the neighboring residents will pay dearly.
16. We should always respect the other fellow’s customs and religions. This fallacy is concomitant to the above. Again, we take the position of reason and good sense. If the Hindus want to practice some revolting and repulsive customs in their religion such as drinking urine, making patty-cakes out of dung, blood and milk from cows, that is their affair. But we will not condone such outrageous practices by “paying respect” to them. On the contrary, we will roundly condemn and denounce them and make damn sure they and their practices are kept out of our territory. We Creators look at everything through the White Man’s eyes, and will do our own thinking and form our own conclusions, according to our
own standards.
17. Adolf Hitler was a power mad monster. When we study the brief history of Hitler’s Third Reich, we find that while the rest of the world was floundering and wallowing in depression, misery and unemployment. Hitler brought a defeated broken people out of their misery and lifted them to new heights of pride and enthusiasm, to full employment and productivity such as the world had never seen. He also broke the back of the
Jewish money-changers in Germany, drove the Jews out of the German universities, schools and other cultural institutions, as well as government. He set the stage for a racial house-cleaning in Germany itself. The brief peacetime episode between 1933-39 was the happiest
and most vibrant period in the history of the German people. For these accomplishments alone (there are many more) we Creators deem Hitler as the greatest leader the White Race has ever had and the greatest White Man that ever lived.
That the Jews were able to snooker the rest of the White nations to smash Germany and Hitler’s ideas is small reflection on Hitler, but rather a shameful reflection on the stupidity and cowardice of the White Race under the heel of the Jewish monster. If you were bushwhacked by a gang of ten niggers and beaten to a pulp, it does not necessarily mean that your ideology was inferior to that of the black bushwhackers. (See
“Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism”, P. 290, NER.)

18. Force is a nasty thing and should never be used. This silly idea runs counter to all the experiences of history. The American Revolution of 1776 was decided by force. The Civil War was decided by force. So were World War I and World War II and thousands of other forceful, decisive actions. This includes not only military actions, but revolutions, police actions against criminals and many other situations, even football games.
There is an old maxim that says “When reason falls, force prevails.” In the final showdown I am convinced that only force will break the back of the Jewish tyranny, and we had better make sure we build a power structure that is superior to that of the Jews. The only way to overcome force is to meet it and beat it with superior force.
19. There is nothing you can do about it. You can’t fight City Hall. There is plenty you can do about it, and in this respect I am reminded of wisdom inherent in the basic prayer of A.A.: “God grant me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change; the courage to change that which I can: and the wisdom to know the difference.” This pretty well says it all, and we focus especially on the second part, namely to do that which
we can, which is plenty. To throw up our hands and say there is nothing you can do to destroy the Jewish tyranny now destroying the White Race is to resign from life itself, and is a shameful, cowardly cop-out.
20. The Holahoax. This modern Jewish swindle is the biggest hoax since the Jews invented Christianity nearly two thousand years ago, and they have capitalized on it handsomely at the expense of the White Race. (For more details see “The Six Million Lie”, C.C. No. 37, WMB.)
21. By feeding and subsidizing the niggers of Africa (or America) the mud peoples of India, etc., we are being kind and charitable, and it is our beholden duty to do so. Wrong, from the beginning to end. It is neither kind, nor charitable, nor is it our duty. History shows that we have set the stage on a worldwide scale that these same mud races to which we have been so (stupidly) charitable, are going to wreak havoc on our own future progeny and exterminate them entirely. Another secondary consequence will be that this Planet Earth will be turned into a devastated, polluted, poisonous pigsty, unfit for decent human habitation. (See “Expanding and Proliferating the Misery”, P. 134, and “Saving our Precious Planet”, P. 210 of BWBW.)
22. You can’t unite the White People. We just happen to believe that we can. If Hitler could unite the Germans, it is also logical that the White Race can be united on a worldwide basis. The problem in the past has been (a) Jewish Christianity, and (b) the White Race has never been given a worthwhile creed nor goal to rally around. In CREATIVITY we now have a more sensible and dynamic religion with which to replace
decadent, suicidal Christianity, and a worthwhile creed and goal that deserves the loyalty and dedication of all White Racial Comrades. As the White Race is crowded further to the edge of the precipice, this will become more and more obvious and inevitable.
23. Medicines, medications, pills, help to heal and restore people to health. Rather than go into detail on the hoax of medicine, I refer you to the chapters on Salubrious Living in the White Man’s Bible, which amply refute this long enduring hoax. This is further expanded and amplified in our book “Salubrious Living” 224 pages, which is one of our own Three Basic Books. Let me just add that all medicines are drugs, are poisonous chemicals that do not heal, but on the contrary, are toxic to the human body.
24. Lawyers have their clients’ best interests at heart. Since I have gone into this in full detail in Issue No. 37 contained in this book under the title of “The Holy Trinity” there is no need to repeat it here. Suffice it to say that the first loyalty of the majority of licensed attorneys is to their pocket book, and loyalty to their client is far down the line. That is why it is of major importance that the Church of the Creator build its own legal defense system through a comprehensive and aggressive Layman Law Course. (See “The Holy Trinity”, R.L. No. 37, also contained in this book.)
25. All we have to do is expose the menace, the criminals the conspiracy, and the problem will solve itself. Unfortunately, it is not the way it works. For instance, everyone in Sicily knows the Mafia is a gang of criminals, knows who they are, and what they are doing. But the Mafia is so powerful that there is no counter force to oust them, and just about every law-abiding citizen is afraid oppose them. The Jewish tyranny is in a similar position on a world wide basis, only most White people are not really aware of the depth of the conspiracy, and the majority doesn’t even realize that it exists. It is the goal of the Church of the Creator to lay out in clear detail the whole depth of the Jewish conspiracy, starting with Jewish Christianity, and expose it thoroughly. But we intend to go much further. By giving our White Racial Comrades a clear creed, goal
and program upon which to build we intend to construct a powerful White tidal wave that will demolish the Jewish tyranny. We intend to meet force with superior force and smash the Jewish parasite once and for all so that we can get on with building that Whiter and Brighter World we envision.
* * * * *
Above I have listed at random more than two dozen basic fallacies that have cluttered and impeded the minds of our White Racial Comrades for centuries and have prevented them from using their innate common sense in thinking reasonably and logically. These are only a random sample of thousands of other misconceptions, lies, myths, fallacies and beliefs that have fastened themselves on the human mind like
barnacles to the hull of an old ship, or to put it in the parlance of the Augean stables, like so much dung and debris piled up in a barn that has not been cleaned out for 30 years.
In this respect let me observe that the most treacherous booby trap to which the human mind is vulnerable is having blind faith in some
unsubstantiated supposition that is warranted neither by evidence, experience or common sense. Most of mankind’s spooks- in-the-sky religions fall into this category, and consequently have been the cause of untold misery, confusion and chaos to mankind.
It is our devout hope and aspiration to clean up this mess, slowly at first, shovel full by shovel full. Then, as the White Race begins to step into the bright sunshine of common sense, reason and logic, it will at last be able to get a handle on its own destiny, and utilize it’s tremendous energy, intelligence and resources for it’s own best interests.
It is this lofty goal to which CREATIVITY is dedicated. Let us each and everyone devote our energies and resources to make sure this dream becomes a reality. We have the means to do the job. Let us do it. (See “We are not helpless”, P. 148, and “How to Utilize Your Wealth Effectively”, P. 203 of EXPANDING CREATIVITY.) (
* * * * *
Even if we overcome the mud races, it will be of little benefit to our future progeny if all we leave them is a Planet that is no more than a
poisoned garbage dump.

* * * * *

Creativity –

Creed and Program

Fundamental Points:

1. CREATIVITY is a racial religion whose prime goal is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.
2. Our organization is known as the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. Our movement and religious philosophy are called CREATIVITY, and members of our church arc called CREATORS.
3. Every issue, whether religious, philosophical, political or racial, is viewed through the eyes of the White Man, and exclusively from the point of view of the White Race as a whole.
4. The cardinal test of any theory, plan, or program is this: Will it accrue to the benefit of the White Race?
5. We believe that the White Race is Nature’s finest creation of all time and that our most precious treasure is our White gene pool. Guarding the purity of our worldwide gene pool, enhancing it, and the upgrading of our future generations is our highest responsibility and our most sacred duty.
6. The four basic foundations of our religious creed are: A SOUND MIND in a SOUND BODY in a SOUND SOCIETY in a SOUND  ENVIRONMENT.
7. Our GOLDEN RULE is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.
8. A thorough and comprehensive study of history has convinced us that the Jews, with their odious Talmudic and Judaic religion, are the most
sinister and dangerous parasites in all history, and that they now control and manipulate the finances, the propaganda, the media and the governments of the world. It is our sacred duty and unswerving goal to get these parasites off the back of the White Race, and enable the White Race to again take control of its destiny and restore it into its own capable hands.
9. We mean to cleanse our own territories of all the Jews, niggers and mud races, and send them back to their original habitat. Starting first with the United States, we then want to help each White country to free their territories of the contamination of mud races, and prevent not only race-mixing, but geographic mixing of races within any of the lands now occupied by the White Race.
10. A tremendous weapon in the worldwide Jewish drive of race- mixing and proliferation of the mud races has been Jewish Christianity, concocted for the very purpose of mongrelizing and destroying the White Race. It is our avowed objective to expose this Jewish swindle and replace it with a sound, healthy racial religion of our own.
II. Our first and foremost problem in saving the White Race from mongrelization and genocide is to straighten out the confused and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself. Once we have accomplished that much, getting the Jews, niggers and mud races off our backs will be relatively easy. When this has been accomplished, we then propose to expand the White Man’s territory slowly and gradually, similar to the
historic “Winning of the West” in early America, until the White Man inhabits all the good lands of this Planet Earth.
12. Simultaneously with the above, we mean to promote and practice Eugenics for the upgrading and advancement of the human species itself, as is spelled out in our THREE BASIC BOOKS, Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living.
13. We also are deeply concerned about the now rapidly deteriorating environment of our Planet Earth, which has not only become racially polluted, but is becoming highly contaminated with overwhelming masses of chemical wastes, nuclear wastes, and other dangerous and toxic poisons. As soon as the White Race again has control of its own destiny we mean to reverse this process, clean up the Planet and again make it a clean, pleasant and viable place for the White Race to live.
14. We also mean to address the problem of farmlands and soil fertility, a problem that is now out of control. As set forth in The White Man’s
Bible (Creative Credo No. 13, 14, and 15), we plan to put in operation a program to restore the fertility of the soil and conserve its stability on a worldwide basis.
15. We are also concerned about the physical and mental health of our people. In order to enhance and upgrade the physical well- being of both young and old, we mean to promote a natural life style as set forth in The White Man’s Bible, and further amplified in Salubrious Living. The salient components for such a program are summarized in both books under the “FOURTEEN BASIC POINTS” of Salubrious Living.
16. Our basic philosophy is spelled out under the heading of “THE SIXTEEN COMMANDMENTS” in both Nature’s Eternal Religion, and The White Man’s Bible, and is part and parcel of our creed.
17. Our “Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny” is set forth in The White Man’s Bible, (Creative Credo No. 67).
18. Our program to overcome the tyranny and violence directed against the White Race is spelled out on Page 401 of The White Man’s Bible, and we mean to follow and implement these steps, including Articles 7 and 8 in the order listed, if and when the time should come when we are compelled to do so.
19. In Creative Credo No. 65, we have an additional creed of our Church enabling the White Race to protect itself from a hostile government, under the heading of “Articles for the Defense of the White Race”. This, too, is part and parcel of our creed and program.
20. In a rapidly degenerating world that is now overcrowded and overrun with an explosion of inferior mud races; a world that is drug- ridden
and already overly polluted with toxic chemicals and nuclear wastes; a world now steeped in anarchy, chaos and terrorism, it is nevertheless
our ultimate and continuing goal to build in its place a WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD for our future generations.
* * * * *

If we are to ever restore this Planet Earth to it’s original pristine beauty and fecundity, there is only one answer – RAHOWA! Total Racial Warfare, total WHITE VICTORY!


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