Rza. Clean water

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 35 – May 1986
Conclusion of Our Series

This issue concludes our 12 part series on Comparative Religions. In our series we have tried to point out several cogent characteristics of religion and compared them to our own, Creativity.
One of the observations is that practically all other religions, whether ancient, medieval or modern, are man-made, all promote spookcraft and are constructed on a flimsy base of deception, lies and superstition. In general, they deserve neither the awe, loyalty or respect that a foolish and gullible mankind has been all too willing to give them.
On the other hand, we have also pointed out repeatedly that religions have had a powerful, if not major, effect on the course of history, unfortunately and invariably to the detriment of the White Race. Why? Because the White Race has never had a truly racial religion of its own, such as do the Jews, the Mohammedans, and even the Black Muslims.
Now the White Race does have such a religion in Creativity, comprehensive, fully-structured for the benefit of the White Race and the White Race alone. I hope it is not too late for the White Race to realize this phenomenon, to fully understand it, embrace it and polarize around it for its own salvation. The basic question is this: is the White Man’s brain already too heavily encrusted with the barnacles of deceptive Jewish
shibboleths, of spooks and ancient hangovers for the White Man to be able to think straight and fight his way out of his present predicament? It is our unswerving, irrevocable determination to pursue this fight, to scrape off the barnacles, to straighten out the White Man’s scrambled thinking and unite our race under the one mighty banner of Creativity. Rahowa!

* * * * *
Roman Catholicism is the original wellspring of all – repeat, ALL subsequent Christian religions, thousands of which now rabidly denounce it.
Some even call it the Church of the Devil.

* * * * *

Racial Loyalty Issue 36 – June 1986

We began this book with the article RAHOWA! since that is what this book is all about. Here is the rest of Issue No.36.

Saving our Precious Planet from becoming a Poisonous Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty

Part III: Clean Drinking Water A Scarce Commodity
Supposing we were able to man a spaceship and roam throughout the vast universe in search of another planet that had all the right combinations of components that make life viable on good old Planet Earth. Even though we embarked on voyages to other galaxies, I doubt whether we would ever find another such genial environment in 10 billion years. This combination consists of the right temperatures, the right gravity, soil, elements, atmosphere, water, as well as thousands of other vital components of which we are not even aware.
But of all these that make Planet Earth unique and such a viable place to live, it, is our vast atmosphere and the abundance of water that are the major contributions to life on this planet. Certainly no other planet in our solar system has anything like it to generate or sustain life. In fact, science has pretty well determined that no other exists on any of our companion planets in our solar system. It my opinion that life such as we
experience here on Planet Earth is  not duplicated anywhere else in the universe, and that we are unique. Nor do I believe that we are being visited by little green men from “outer space ” or have been in the past, or will be in the near future.
Be that as it may, up until very recent times we have taken our major assets, fresh air and fresh water, so for granted we scarcely them a second thought. We assumed both commodities to be such vast and boundless quantities, we took them for granted and as natural as breathing in and out. But no more. As the song goes – you never miss the water until the well goes dry.
Today we want to examine the water situation on this Planet – our one and only home. The well is not only going dry in some places, but in many others it is being turned into a cesspool. An overcrowded planet, too many people, too much industry and technology, and criminally irresponsible housekeeping on a worldwide scale are rapidly turning both of these, our greatest assets, into a polluted garbage dump, unfit for human consumption.
I read the morning paper. In the same issue I find on one page that “Large illegal chemical dump found,” that 1,700 drums of chemical poisons have been dumped on some abandoned site on a farm in Georgia. Apparently these have been surreptitiously transported from some bankrupted chemical company in Tennessee, during many midnight forays. On another page I read “Soviets try to deaden nuclear reactor. Scientists fear a ‘China Syndrome’ with the hot nuclear molten mass burning its way down towards the center of the earth and on its way polluting vast quantities of underground water supplies.” Meanwhile, millions of square miles of the atmosphere are being polluted with nuclear
radiation that endangers not only vast areas of Russia itself, but also the nearby countries of Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Poland and others. The jet streams in the upper atmosphere are even carrying the radiation to the United States, but, “our” government tells us, we have nothing to worry about. (Do you still believe anything JOG says?) On another page I read a little item by Evans and Novak that says, quote: “Top secret White House Information strongly hints that many of the 40 thousand Russians evacuated – 36 hours later – from the nuclear power town of Chernobyl will die of radiation exposure. That horrible possibility, not planned to be made public by the U.S. government, results from a long gap between the nuclear explosion and the beginning of evacuation a day and a half later. One Soviet specialist here believes the radiation victims will be shipped to remote towns to die forgotten and unknown.”
Another item, next day, same paper, tells of the prolonged drought in our area, North Carolina, Georgia, and the southeastern United States in general, and how a week old forest fire in eastern North Carolina has already devoured 73 thousand acres of forest land and is still going
Another Item: Forests are dying in many parts of the country, due to acid rain and due to thousands of tons of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides being spewed into the air daily. Dumped into our atmosphere, they do not stay there. They come back down as either dry acidic
powder, or as nitric or sulfuric acid with rain, snow or fog. And because of our moving atmosphere, it does not necessarily come down in the area that produced it. Hence, some international and regional disputes.
Another item: Poisoned wells. For instance, TCE (Trichloroethylene), a common chemical used as a solvent and having dozens of other uses for the last 60 years, is now found to be highly carcinogenic and has seeped its way into the ground water in most of the wells in the country. But it is not the only substance. At least 22 other cancer-causing chemicals and 1000 organic chemicals have intruded into the tap water we
So there we have It. Polluted water on the surface, polluted water in the skies and polluted water under the ground.
Water. Yes, Indeed, It is a precious substance. It makes up 77 percent of an infant’s body, 59 percent of a child’s body and between 45 and 65 percent of an adult’s body. An obese person might be able to go without food for 120 days, but not without water. They would be dead in five days, or in a hot dry climate, in about half that time.
Water. There is a lot of it, but precious little of it clean enough to drink. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by it. Only .01 percent of the planet’s water is in the atmosphere, whereas the bulk of it, 97.2 percent, is in the oceans and inland seas. Another 2.15 percent is locked up in ice-caps and glaciers, and a remaining .64 percent is liquid fresh water that is available to us in groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams and
surface soil.
When we say fresh water, we should modify that and say it used to be relatively fresh and clean, but no more. It is almost impossible to find any unpolluted water anywhere near an inhabited area, now in the 1980’s. Hundreds of contaminants now pollute our “fresh water” reserves. Concentrations of such metals as copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, mercury, and hundreds of toxic commercial chemicals, (as well as the TCE already mentioned) now pollute our water resources.
Many people are still under the mistaken impression that, well, at least in the cities, where our water has been processed by the municipal “treatment plants” it is safe to drink. Not so, my friend.
A recent study was made by the General Accounting Office (GAO) to provide Congress with facts about our drinking water. The study included 446 water supply systems in six states. Of those 446, only 60 systems met the Federal standards set for interstate planes, trains and buses. That’s only 13.5 percent. But that does not mean that even that 13.5 percent of the systems had good water, only it passed minimum
There is one other pernicious factor about “treated” water that the government does not protect you from, and that is the addition of such chemicals as chlorine, and, in thousands of systems, fluorides, that are deliberately added in order to presumably kill “bacteria.” In most cases the chlorine and fluorides, both deadly poisons, are more dangerous than the bacteria they are supposed to kill.
We could go on analyzing both the identity and quantities of chemical poisons, not to mention the radioactive poisons, in our drinking water, but it would be a non-productive pursuit. I have already adequately covered the ominous aspect of pollution from chemical poisons (Racial Loyalty Issue No.26) and of radio-active poisons (Racial Loyalty Issue No. 27) that contaminate our Planet Earth, and how we are reaching an absolute dead-end in this insane desecration of this unique, beautiful planet with which Nature has provided us.
The question is: what are we going to do about it?
In this respect there are two parts to the problem, (a) the short-range amelioration and survival until our Planet Earth is cleaned up, and (b) a total, fundamental and basic long-range solution to the whole worldwide pollution problem. This means restructuring our whole social, economic and racial thinking. Only then will we be able to restore our Planet to the clean and beautiful environment It once had, and make it a fit place for a proud and orderly White Race to live.
Let us tackle the short-range problem first, and say that as long as we have a Jew-dominated government and society worldwide, the problem will not be solved, it will get worse, much worse. The population problem will escalate, the mud peoples will desecrate an increasingly larger area of our planet, and both the toxic chemical wastes and the radioactive wastes will burgeon to ever more intolerable levels.
So what can we, the White Race, do about drinking water? We can do two things: first, go to drinking distilled water, which is what my family is doing. This can be done by either buying bottled distilled water at the supermarkets, or setting up your own household distiller. I have done both. For several years we used our own small distiller, until one day the safety-feature on it malfunctioned and nearly burned our house down. We have been buying bottled distilled water ever since.
The second thing we must do until such time as we get the world restructured is to reassess our whole approach to our fresh water resources. We must come to grips with the fact that the amount of fresh water we have available to us is strictly limited, that we are wasting a lot of it, polluting the rest, and there just is not enough to go around. We must do a better job of housekeeping – utilization and management of the fresh
water available to us.

Worldwide, 75 percent of the available fresh water supply is used for irrigation. Much of this comes from dwindling underground aquifers, such as the vast Ogallala aquifer in the Midwestern Plains, and the now almost exhausted San Joaquin Valley in California.
A partial answer to the irrigation problem is that if we (in the United States) changed our obsession about feeding all the freeloaders of the world and just took care of our own, we would not need to produce such a surplus of foods, and need much less irrigated farmland. Secondly, If we changed over to scientifically planned organic farming, we would produce more nutritious food, and hardly need any irrigation at all.
About 40 percent of all water piped into homes Is used (or wasted) by the flush toilet – one of our proud hallmarks of civilization. The most negative aspect of this is that some of the effluent becomes part of the water supply to those who live downstream. The average person using a flush toilet contaminates 13 thousand gallons of fresh water a year to wash away 165 gallons of sewage. Multiply that by 180 million people
using such In the United States alone, and you have some idea of the dimensions of this problem.
A better, more efficient and less wasteful means must replace the flush toilet. There are already better systems available, and ever better means could be devised if we set our minds to it.
Let me reiterate what I have pointed out any number of times before: none of these problems will ever be solved as long as the Jewish behemoth is in control of the world. In fact, pollution, crowding, famine and anarchy will get worse, much worse, until and unless the White Man forcefully regains and takes charge of his own destiny. And unless he does this soon, it will be too late. We will only have a crowded, poisoned, polluted, radioactive planet to cling to, one in which the White Race will soon no longer be able to survive. The point of no return is rapidly approaching.
Therefore we must go back to square one:
1. Build up the World Church of the Creator to one dynamic, aroused, unified battering ram, a powerful tool in the hands of the White Man with
which to smash the Jewish monster.
2. Take charge of our own destiny, practice racial teamwork and stop subsidizing the mud races and freeloaders of the world.
3. The latter will then soon wither on the vine and the world population will shrink back to what it can comfortably support on a perpetual stable
basis, probably about one-fifth of today’s crowded five billion.
4. From there on out the problems can, and will, be solved. We can then go to work systematically and efficiently in cleaning up our precious
Planet Earth to where it will again be a wholesome, healthy and beautiful place for our future progeny to live and to prosper for the next million
* * * * *
If we are ever to restore this Planet Earth to its original pristine beauty and fecundity, there is only one answer – RAHOWA! Total racial warfare,
* * * * *

Even if we overcome the mud races, it will be of little benefit to our future progeny if all we leave them is a Planet that is no more than a
poisoned garbage dump.
* * * * *
Salubrious Living is a life style that is sound, safe, sane and sensible – the only way to go.


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