Rz. Letter to Odinists

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 35 – May 1986

A Letter to Ms. Else Christensen Inviting the Odinists to Join With Us

Ms. Else Christiansen
The Odinist Fellowship
Crystal River, FL
Dear Ms. Christiansen,
Thank you very much for sending the three booklets on Odinism, and also many thanks for your letter of February 27.
I don’t know if you remember me, but we met accidently at Bob DePugh’s meeting, 1977, in Kansas City. We were sitting beside each other in the audience and introduced ourselves.
Mrs. Christensen, I have no “beef” against the Odinists, and I am completely with Voltaire when he said “I may violently .disagree with what you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say It.” Although I disagree violently with all the spooks-in-the-sky religions that clutter up man’s thinking, the White Man’s in particular, I have the least disagreement with, and the most respect for, the Odinists. I believe they are among the finer and more intelligent members of the White Race, and I believe you are aware that I have said so on several previous occasions.
If you have read my editorial in Racial Loyalty No. 32 entitled “HUBRIS, HUBRIS,” I believe that you will understand what my overriding concern is all about. If you have not, I will state it briefly. It is this: Unless the White Race polarizes into one united battering ram (one party, one movement, one religion, or whatever) soon, to smash the Jewish monster, it will soon be all over for the White Race. I cite the Nazi movement in Germany as a prime example, but history has many others.
We Creators do not believe that Odinism inherently has the credo, the philosophy nor the program to do that job. Neither does the Identity
movement, or any of the other White Racial movements on the scene today.
If Odinism had it, I would dump my hubris tomorrow and join with you. The fact is that the Odinists of the Viking days hardly even knew what a Jew was, and when the cunning Jewish onslaught (in the form of Christianity) came along, they had no defense against it. It was, in fact, like taking candy from a baby.
Now I’ll readily admit that most Odinist members of today are far ahead of their creed in this respect, but that’s beside the point. Odinism itself inherently doesn’t have it, any more than the Roman and Greek religions of Zeus, Neptune and what have you. Those same Odinist members would be ten times as effective had they a more comprehensive and militant creed and program to lead them, a better vehicle to ride in.
Let me ask you seriously – how many “Odinists” really believe in the archaic Norse gods? If so, who is kidding whom?
Hubris or no hubris, in Creativity we have it all. Just as Hitler designed and constructed National Socialism from ground zero specially tailored to unite the Germans and overcome communism and the Jews, so, too, do we now have a specially constructed racial religion to unite the White Race on a worldwide basis, and build a powerful racial steamroller with which to smash the Jewish monster. No hocus-pocus, no deceit,
no make-believe, no silly games. Just damn good logic, common sense and militancy based on the massive problems at hand, based on reality.
We don’t want to quarrel with you or any other Odinist members. We like you. We want you to join with us because you need us and we need you, if either of us is to survive.
The question you must ask yourself is this: which is more important – salvaging your own little hubris, or salvaging the White Race, including all our future progeny that is coming up?
Depending on what we do now, our future generations are going to be either eternally grateful for turning this sick world around, or they are going to curse us in our graves for the hellish mess we left them.
Creatively yours,
Ben Klassen, P.M.
This letter was mailed March 26. Since no reply was received until May 8, we could not include it in this issue, but we did print it in a later issue.
Here is her reply:

May 8, 1986
Dear Mr. Klassen:
Thanks very much for your letter of March 26/86. I appreciate your straight talk and I think we can trust each other enough to keep it on that line.
First let me tell you that I have been accused of being an Odinist who doesn’t believe in Odin; and of course this is true; I do not ‘believe’ any of the gods exist in the same way the Christians say they believe their god exists, or any of his three parts. What the gods represent to us is the natural forces, the universal powers, good or bad human traits. We might say when the thunder rolls – ‘My, Thor is busy today!’ but no sane Odinist believes that the god is traveling across the heavens in the goat-drawn chariot; to us Thor at that point is a reminder of the terrific powerful forces of Nature.
I would like to go back to one sentence in your letter – You say Those same Odinists would be ten times as effective had they a more comprehensive and militant creed…’ You overlook the fact that these people don’t want to be ‘more effective’ and yet they need something upon which to base their moral concepts. Odinism is that base. The belief we present is undogmatic, so people can chose how they want to
see the gods; if they want the crutch, it’s there. If they have progressed so that they can stand on their own two feet, the religion will let them do just that.
At the same time Odinism gives them an opportunity to light candles, to celebrate the seasons or other such ‘days,’ giving them an occasion to get together in an informal, friendly atmosphere. For, believe me, one thing our folk needs is companionship, to be among their own kind with a common purpose. And logic is not going to do it entirely. Odinism cannot, and should not, go against logic, but there must be something for the emotions as well, and this is what the gods provide.
You refer to Hitler; what he provided for the German people was solidarity, emotional involvement, inspiration, but these feelings are not rational. Man is (unfortunately) not a rational being; there are degrees, of course, but most people are directed by their emotions, not by their logic.
I believe that we need to fight on all fronts; your creed is built up logically and appeals to some people; Odinism, from the Fellowship’s point of view, gives something for the emotions and at the same time also is acceptable to people with a rather good rational sense. The Asatru Free Assembly has more for the emotions than both you and we have, but they are not that far down the irrational path that their version cannot be
acceptable to people with a fair sense of rationality. It’s not a very good explanation but I hope you understand what I’m trying to show. We need to work on all fronts; what one organization cannot do, the people they cannot reach, one of the other two can (I hope).
We have members who are also members of the AFA; I gather simply because they think we do not have enough rituals and ceremonies (which I keep to a minimum); and obviously they have a need for some emotional expression. That’s good, Steve can provide that and they do not need to go to the Moonies, the Hare Krishnas or the Christian churches; they can stay within a religion that is based primarily on our
cultural heritage. They can follow the code of conduct as it is expressed in the Havamal and the code will not be imposed from some outside ‘god’ but from within, from their own intellect. And when they first understand this, when they feel the racial solidarity and have an emotional basis for their inborn inclination, then political action will follow. It takes time to get that far, but it’ll come.
It is our destiny to be born in a historic period where the present cultural period is dying; it will still take maybe a couple of more centuries before the final collapse. The new has not been born yet, but I hope and believe that we are today doing the groundwork for the foundation upon which the new basis for the religious/philosophical moral concepts will be built. They will have to be racial, discriminatory, self-assertive,
It is a shame that we haven’t in English been able to stay with the, or get a better translation of, the German idea of ‘Das Gottliche’; the godly is neuter, it is beyond gods and goddesses, and certainly a far cry from the Christian 3-in-one god.
I remember we met many years ago but never really had time to talk; it would be nice some day to have the occasion to sit down and exchange a few thoughts, I believe we would come to an understanding.
Before I finish, I’ll have to add that I know that what I’ve been saying here is not understood by all Odinists; we have them right from the stage where they just want to exchange Odin for Jesus and carry on business as usual, so to speak. Many do not understand the depth of the beliefs or the potential they have. But everything takes time; it’s a big jump from the Christian creed which most of us have been brought up in, and to
a mature understanding of our emotional and intellectual needs, and then to absorb this understanding in an intelligent manner. As the saying
goes, Rome was not built in one day, neither is Odinism. And as society changes and our culture becomes more and more distorted, we may have to change our approach somewhat; our enemy is flexible in the sense that he uses all physical and psychological methods available to him; we must do the same.
I hope this makes some sense to you and it might be expressed better but maybe you get an impression of what we’re trying to do.
Else Christensen
The Odinist Fellowship
Crystal River, FL 32629
(Ed. Note: Thank you, Mrs. Christensen, for a forthright and informative description of Odinism. I look forward to meeting with you again soon in
a friendly exchange of views


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