Rt. Mormonism v Creativity

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 33 – March 1986

Mormonism vs. Creativity – A Comparison

A. Basis of Belief.
The Mormons claim they are Christians and believe in the Christian Bible. “Mainstream” Christians deny that Mormons belong to the Christian religion and want no part of their teachings, since Mormons idolize Joseph Smith above Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon above the Jewish-Christian Bible. Mormons ignore this accusation and claim that they believe in the Bible, as far as “the word” has been correctly handed down and translated, inferring that neither has been done. They therefore claim that since the old Bible has gone astray, God chose Joseph Smith as his modern day prophet to bring God’s word up to date and set the record straight.
However, any resemblance between the Book of Mormon and the Jewish-Christian Bible is about as coincidental as the similarity between Mother Goose stories and Alice in Wonderland, except that all are purely fictional, and the former two are much more. boring than the latter two.
The story as told in the Book of Mormon is a dull, listless tale about some ancient peoples migrating to the North American Continent in some bygone era. They then split into factions and battled each other into extinction. All of this is completely contrary to any historical evidence, or even a plausible likelihood. What moral principles, if any, that could possibly be derived from such a long-winded, pointless story is hard to
The creed of its faith is set forth in its Three Basic Books: The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Doctrine and Covenants.
CREATIVITY, in contrast, takes a long hard look at the factual events of history as they unraveled in a world of reality, and how it affects the welfare and future of the White Race. It seeks to benefit from the lessons of history; to learn from the Eternal Laws of Nature; to utilize our intelligence and common sense in order to build a better and brighter world for the future generations of our race.
B. Goals and Objectives.
Despite any pious shibboleths the Mormon Church may profess, its actions speak louder than any devious claims they may proffer. What the church obviously is doing is building wealth and power, not in heaven, but here on Earth. It is accumulating billions in wealth – real estate,
banks, money, insurance companies, stocks and bonds and building an expanding power structure. They are doing what the Jews, the Catholic Church and numerous other deceitful tyrants have been doing throughout history – grasping for wealth and power, regardless of whom they have to trample on, victimize and/or rip-off.
CREATIVITY’S goals have been spelled out repeatedly, and they are: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, with the White Race ultimately inhabiting (solely) this Planet Earth, devoid of mud races. In short, building a Whiter and Brighter World, as summarized in the 20 points of Creativity spelled out in Racial Loyalty No. 31, and also at the end of this book.
C. Racial Attitude.
To the credit of the Mormon Church, the early founders pursued a course of White racial purity and continued to do so until very recently. But in the last few decades, and even more stridently so since 1978 when the late President Spencer W. Kimball had a new “revelation,” the Mormon Church has now gone all out for race- mixing, even more virulently so than both the liberal and “fundamentalist” Christian churches. (See
Racial Loyalty No. 23, “Aloha to you, too, Kamaaina!”)

The heart of the CREATIVITY movement is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, and its further genetic upgrading by
implementing a sound, no-nonsense Eugenics program.
D. Organization Structure.
The Mormon Church has an extremely well-structured and organized system of not only recruiting new members, but also of constantly keeping on top of its members, keeping them in line and extracting the maximum amount of tithes and services out of them. The governing body consists of a Board of Twelve Elders or Apostles, headed by the President, which today is Ezra Taft Benson. The world headquarters arc
in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Church of the Creator has its world headquarters near Otto, North Carolina, and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle, with
the Pontifex Maximus at the head. It has ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most of the States of this country, and also several foreign countries. Its creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, a supplement. Its creed and program are clear, comprehensive, consistent, complete and well-structured, covering the whole spectrum of
eugenics, race, religion, morals, politics, economics and culture for the present and future welfare of the White Race.
From an organizational and expansion point of view the Church of the Creator can learn much from the Mormon Church, especially its door-to door
canvassing, and sending out its young missionaries to spread the word.


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