Rr. C. Identity V Creativity

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 32 – February 1986
Identity vs. Creativity – A Comparison

A. Basis of Belief.
The Identity movement is a fragmented, loose and scattered conglomerate, and no specific set of beliefs would accurately characterize all of its many parts. The best we can do, therefore, is to generalize, and in so doing we can state two beliefs that the many fragmentary groups have in common; (a) They strongly espouse Jewish Christianity as portrayed in the Old and New Testaments, and (b) the peculiar twist that the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” wandered into, and populated Europe, something not even remotely suggested by either the Old or New Testament, and most emphatically repudiated by all authentic history to which we are heir in today’s civilization.

These two beliefs are both based on pure fantasy and absolute  nonsense. Furthermore, they completely contradict one another. Anyone who believes in the Jewish Bible ( O.T. & N.T.) can hardly come to such an absurd and paradoxical conclusion. In fact, the whole reasoning process here exemplifies some bizarre mental gymnastics, and defies all logic. Starting with an unsubstantiated hypothesis (the spooks in the sky theory) it is followed by a non-sequitur (that the historic Europeans are the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel,” whose historic existence is extremely questionable in the first place).
CREATIVITY on the other hand is based on Logic and Common Sense, the Eternal Laws of Nature, and a critical study of past history. It faces reality and accepts the facts of life and the universe as they are. It seeks through logic and reason to build a better life for our race and future progeny.
B. Goals and Objectives.
Again, the goals of the Identity people are fuzzy and clouded, but can be best described as (a) fighting for the survival of the White Race, and (b) the spreading of Jewish Christianity. The ultimate goal, it would seem, would be to have the White Race again ruling America and the world with Christianity being the dominant power over the White Race (and the world), not unlike the tyrannical power it once wielded during the Dark
CREATIVITY’S goals have been spelled out repeatedly, and they are: The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, with ultimately the White Race inhabiting (solely) this Planet Earth, devoid of mud races. This can be further expanded into the Twenty Points of Creativity as set forth at the end of this book.
C. Racial Attitude.
Here the Identity movement and Creativity have much common ground. Identity preaches White Supremacy, whereas Creativity goes one step further and advocates not White Supremacy, but completely White hegemony and exclusive possession of all the good lands of this Planet Earth.
D. Organizational Structure.
The Identity movement is a loose conglomerate of many parts with no central point of focus, and little coordination.
The Church of the Creator has its World Center near Otto, North Carolina and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle. It has ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most States in this country, and also several foreign countries. Its creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, Building a Whiter and Brighter World, and this book, Rahowa! Its creed and program are clear, comprehensive, consistent, complete and well -structured, covering the whole spectrum of eugenics, race, religion, morals, politics, economics and culture for the present and future welfare of the White Race


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Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 32 – February 1986

British-Israelism: White Men in the Wilderness

By permission of Liberty Bell Magazine, Reedy, WV.
That part of the world which the Romans called Palestine was known as Canaan to its original inhabitants, a luckless people who were displaced from their homeland by twelve tribes of Hebrew- speaking invaders who employed the rather unedifying methods of conquest described in the Old Testament book of Joshua. After consolidating their gains, the Hebrews under the rule of Jereboam, around 900 B.C.E., divided themselves into a northern kingdom of Israel and a southern kingdom of Judah. Two centuries later, the ten tribes living in Israel became the notorious Ten Lost Tribes when they were carried off into captivity by the Assyrians. And thus came to pass a great mystery.
Perhaps the Gnostic heretic who held that the world was created by an evil demiurge was correct, because the truth concerning most supposedly great mysteries is usually either unpleasant or boring. The truth about the ten tribes, which falls into the latter category, is certainly no exception to this rule. Sensible historians have concluded that the lost tribes were assimilated into the Assyrian nation, with what effect we
do not know save for the fact that the Assyrians soon thereafter disappeared from history.
The boring facts, however, have not stopped various hopeful or imaginative people who have rushed forth with delightful nonsense in explanation of the Ten Lost Tribes. The Puritans, hopeful that they might have a chance to convert ten-twelfths of Jewry, believed at first that the American Indians were the errant Hebrews. Americus Symmes, son of John Cleves Symmes (1742-1814), and exponent of the hollow earth theory, fantasized that explorers in quest of confirmation for his father’s theory would find that they had been anticipated by the missing tribes who had long ago discovered the inner earth to be an ideal redoubt against Assyrians, Babylonians, and Roman tax-collectors. Finally, more than one science fiction writer has found an extraterrestrial abode for the lost tribes, a whimsy that was possibly the literary projection of
an earnest wish.
Most theories concerning the lost tribes are simply silly, but one, British-Israel or Anglo-lsraelitism, is somewhat pernicious in its effects and should be exposed as such. The fourteenth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica includes the following definition of this theory: “Anglolsraelitism, the contention that the English-speaking peoples are the descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel deported by Sargon of Assyria on the fall of Samaria in 721 B.C.E. Richard Brothers (1757-1824), the ‘Nephew of the Almighty,’ may be regarded as its first modern apostle.” The dubious career of Brothers is further detailed in the article “Anglo-lsraelitism” in the Encyclopedia I of Religion and Ethics, edited by James
Hastings, published in 1908 and still the standard reference work in its field: “According to his \ account he was a Divinely appointed prophet. He described himself as a ‘nephew of the Almighty,’ and claimed descent from David. Among his prophecies were those of the imminent restoration of Israel to the Holy Land, and the elevation of himself as prince of the Hebrews and ruler of the world. Brothers was confined as a
lunatic, \ but succeeded in obtaining many admirers…” Hastings next \ enumerated several good reasons why the theory is false.
British-Israel theorists, in the absence of sound evidence for their theory, have nonetheless persisted in demanding that it be accepted as a matter of faith. Surely this is a faith that recalls Tertullian’s Credo quia absurdum because it defies all common sense. To see this, one need only ask how the Ten Lost Tribes could have wended their way from Israel all the way to the British Isles, a part of Europe that is far removed from Israel, without encountering the outraged resistance of people met along the way. How could they have subdued all those Celts and Teutons who were then occupying central and western Europe as their descendants do today?
The most recent generation of British-Israelites, who may have been troubled by this question in addition to seeking a wider potential audience, has come forth with a more extensive species of nonsense which they call “Identity.” This fantasy equates Israel with all Europeans. The major objection to this revised theory, the fact that Celts and Teutons lived in Europe long before 721 B.C.E., is conveniently ignored.
The Celts not only lived in Europe around 1000 B.C.E., but also quite possibly had colonized portions of what is now New England. This is the thesis advanced by Barry Fell, an Australian biologist at Harvard, in his recently published book America B.C. Fell, an ex- pert in Celtic languages and archaeology, has deciphered numerous rock carvings, mostly writings in the old Celtic ogam alphabet, which suggest that
America was what the Celts call largalon, the land of the setting sun.
Even if Fell’s theory is not accepted, however, the fact remains that Europe was the homeland of the Celts and Teutons long before the ten tribes were carried off from Israel. The amount of archaeological evidence that supports this statement would suffice to bury all “Identity” enthusiasts up to their eyebrows. However, this would be a pointless effort for they are the same kind of people as those who told T.H. Huxley
that Satan invented fossils to tempt us to believe that the earth existed before 4004 B.C.E., the year which the great Anglican Archbishop Ussher had established as the beginning of Creation. Such people simply refuse to accept the evidence of their senses; it is too boring or
painful for them.
Another serious objection to the “Identity” foolishness also meets with silence. This is the fact that European languages have no linguistic affinity with Hebrew. British-Israel fanatics have argued that Saxon is derived from “Isaac’s sons.” Actually, Saxon is deriv- ed from the Old English seax, a knife or dagger, which is akin to the Old High German sahs, a rock or stone. It is also a fact that Anglo-Saxon, a dialect of Old West Germanic, is so closely related to Old High German that a student who reads Beowulf, oldest poem in English literature, may with little more instruction also read the Hildebrandslied, the oldest poem in German literature. Furthermore, not only all Teutonic languages, but also all other European languages together with Sanskrit may be traced back to one primal Indo-European or Aryan language. The Oxford English Dictionary gives an etymology going back to Aryan roots for thousands of words in English. However, no Indo-European tongues can be traced back to Hebrew or any other Semitic language. We people of European descent have a unique linguistic heritage and, consequently, a unique
mentality, a fact we may forget at our peril!
British-Israel would be simply silly if it were not also pernicious. One sentence from the Britannica article cited before offers words of warning that should be sufficient for the wise: ‘The theory, still held by over 2,000,000 people, materially assisted the settlement of Jews in England in the seventeenth century.” The Jews, many of them usurers of course, had first entered England immediately after the Norman conquest in 1066, and were then expelled by decree of Edward I in 1290. Their usury, graphically described in Carlyle’s Past and Present as well as Macaulay’s History of England, was the major factor in their expulsion. Not surprisingly, the period following their expulsion was one during
which England prospered and became the world’s foremost power. The Elizabethan age needs little mention, but one fact is particularly salient as evidence of the prosperity enjoyed during this Judenfrei period: The real wages of the English workers did not again attain the level they had reached in 1500 until 1900! This is noted by economist Robert Heilbroner in his The Making of Economic Society (New York: 1962, P. 30).
British-Israel’s contribution to the re-entry of the Jews was an effort on behalf of the British people’s undoing.
Some of the worst excesses of the industrial revolution in Britain were not unrelated to the readmission of the Jews. Many of the leading capitalists of Manchester were Sephardic Jews. Among them was Ricardo, a theorist of capitalism who was praised by Marx because he described the economic process without reference to ethical considerations, i.e., “bourgeois ideology.” Another Jewish political economist and capitalist of Manchester was Nassau Senior, and it may be significant that one British-Israel tract, British Israelites and the Ten Tribes (1885), was authored by one H. W. J. Senior.
While the Jews’ Bill, legislation to grant civil rights to the Jews, met considerable opposition, philo-Semitic illusions were so cultivated in England that it was almost another century before the British became alert to the type of Jew that has been given a classic portrayal in the
character of Fagin in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. And while the insights of Sir Richard Burton’s The Jew, the Gypsy I and El Islam contributed to an increasing knowledge toward the end of the nineteenth century, this work’s salutary effect counted for little against the
romanticized Zionism that was extolled in novels such as George Elliot s Daniel Deronda. In fact, the impact of British-Israel extends to the Balfour Declaration and modern-day Israel itself.
Some advocates of “Identity” argue that they do not aid Zionism, rather combat it because they differentiate between the “true” Israelites, the
supposedly European descendants of the ten tribes, and the Jews, descendants of Judah. The fact is, however, that there are fewer differences between Israelites and Judaeans than there are between Prussians and Bavarians, Scotchmen and Englishmen, or Romans and
Sicilians. The division between the northern and southern kingdoms, Israel and Judah, meant no more than, for example, the present-day division between North Dakota and South Dakota. It is likely that not even followers of “Identity” really believe in this specious distinction.
Most advocates of British-Israel, including the Worldwide Church of God, do not distinguish between Israelites and Jews, and continually urge their followers, mostly Americans of British descent, to support Zionist Israel. In this regard, they differ little from other bird-brained Biblebangers, such as Billy Hargis and Billy Graham, who also admonish their followers to support Israel, advocate the admission to the U. S. of millions of Asiatic “refugees,” and do whatever else they can to undermine and ultimately destroy this nation.
Fundamentalists in general – and British-Israel is merely an outgrowth of fundamentalism – have had an unrealistic image of the Jew and have accepted as literal fact the fanciful history of the Jews presented in the Old Testament. This gullibility arises from at least two factors, one geographical and one historical.
Geographically considered, most British-Americans were the first numerous element of the American populace to separate itself from the Old World. In their new wilderness homes, bereft of European cultural influences, they often had only the Bible for reading matter. Naturally, the outlandish Old Testament narratives appealed to their imaginations, and they attempted to find analogues for them in their daily experiences. After the Puritans, for example, gave up on converting the Indians, they came to regard them as hopelessly heathen Canaanites who were to be slain and have their lands occupied. The New England Abolitionists, John Brown most notoriously, tended to identify themselves with the prophets of the Old Testament, a fancy that may partly account for the overnight success of Julia Ward Howe’s “Battle-Hymn of the Republic.”
Awakened by the influx of eastern European immigrants, a number of prominent British-Americans did, nonetheless, become alert to the reality that is Judah. Particularly noteworthy are the following: Hawthorn, U. S. Grant, Clements, James Russell, Lowell, Henry James, Henry Adams, John Jay Chapman, Edison, Ford, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, T. S. Elliot, Ezra Pound, and Ernest Hemingway.
Most British-Americans, especially the fundamentalists among them, remained, however, in the geographical and cultural backlands. Such Anglo-Saxons lost in a wilderness of ignorance should be the first objects of the missionary efforts of those who have become enlightened to the depredations of the two tribes which did not vanish with the Assyrians.
The magnitude of this task is only exceeded by its urgency.

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Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 32 – February 1986
A Characteristic Encomium Oozing with Christian Love and Charity

Bishop Grant R. Powell
Atascadero, California
Dear Ben Klassen,
I hate your disgusting, foul guts. You must be a Jew.
No, you are a Devil. After all, that’s what Jews are. I have seen and read portions of your book.
I detest you and you should be burned alive or spat upon as an evil degenerate as you are. You have said the most detestable things about
God’s Holy Race. The Aryan people who were created in the image of God — Yahweh.
I know you are either a devil or a traitor.
Your enemy,
God hates you,
Bishop Grant R. Powell
* * * * *

Resorting to temporary “quick-fix” or makeshift “band-aid” solutions will no longer suffice. Creativity has the TOTAL SOLUTION for all eternity.

* * * * *
History has proven repeatedly that a racial religion is the most powerful force in the world in the shaping of the destiny of nations and races.


* * * * *







Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 33 – March 1986

Let’s get our Priorities Straight
Planet Earth – Our One and Only Home
The Space Boondoggle – There is nothing out there for us.
Approximately a quarter of a century ago the then charismatic President John F. Kennedy made a bold pronouncement: We would put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. The speech was ballyhooed around the world. It was lauded and applauded as being brave, heroic, monumental, wise and heaped with a number of other panegyric adjectives that would make this bumbling playboy seem like an heroic oracle from out of the pages of ancient history.
The race was on! We had to put a man on the moon before the Russians beat us to ill The nation was launched on a program more zealous than the pursuit of the Holy Grail.
Nine years and forty billion dollars later we did indeed put a man on the moon. We even brought back some moon rocks, that most holy of holies, back to Planet Earth, to presumably prove the astronauts had been there. For a while these rocks were regarded as a treasure more sacred than a splinter from the (supposed) cross on Calvary.
The Space Age had been launched and the American people were led to believe that we were now entering a new Age of Discovery, an age that would compare in significance with the Age of Discovery opened by Christopher Columbus nearly five centuries earlier.
In this respect, the hype and the promise of the Space Age was on a parallel with that launched by President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” speech in December of 1953. (See Issue No. 27 of Racial Loyalty. “Nuclear Pollution”.) Both epoch-making speeches Eisenhower’s and Kennedy’s, promised the American people much. Whereas promises are cheap, the reality is that it cost the White American taxpayers billions and billions of dollars, but only history will tell whether they were an epoch-making boon to mankind, or a treacherous rip-off on the American people. We can be sure of one thing: both speeches were written under the auspices of the Jewish powerhouse.
We Creators have only one yardstick for the evaluation of all programs, ideas, creeds, or whatever, and it is spelled out in Creative Credo No. 2 of The White Man’s Bible. It is this: Of what benefit is it to the White Race?
More than forty years have gone by since we started developing rocketry and space flights in earnest following the end of World War II. More than twenty-five years have gone by since Kennedy delivered his epoch-making speech. More than fifteen years have gone by since we landed a man on the moon. (During the ’60’s it was oh, so urgent! that we “beat” the Russians in putting a man on the moon! Now, in 1986, the Russians still have not put a man on the moon, and who knows when, if ever, they will.)
After all this hoopla, hullabaloo, and hype, it is time now, in 1986, that we take a realistic appraisal of the space program, not from the Jewish point of view or of Hollywood theatrics, but from a cost/benefit ratio point of view, and especially from the White Man’s point of view, the only one the Church of the Creator is concerned about.
We have spent one hell of a lot of money on the space program, probably more than a hundred billion dollars, paid mostly by the productive White American taxpayers. Outside of lavish promises of future benefits and glories, (reminiscent of the religious hucksters) what actual benefits have we. the American taxpayers, derived?
After last month’s dramatic and catastrophic explosion of the Space Shuttle seventy-five seconds after lift-off at Cape Kennedy, I believe this is as good a time as any to ask that question. So here is a brief (but far from complete) summary of what has happened since we dramatically put Neil Armstrong on the moon in July of 1969.
We have made a few more flights to the moon, both manned and unmanned. No more have been made for many years. The moon rocks have been locked up in a vault, and as Andy Rooney pointed out on “60 Minutes” in January, nothing more has been heard of them, and nobody could care less.
We have made some spectacular and highly expensive forays into “outer space” (a glamorous term, isn’t it?) to “explore” the other planets of our own solar system and as I am writing this (last week of January 1986) our spaceship Voyager II is sailing past the outer planet Uranus, and has discovered (wonders of all wonders!) that Uranus has rings around it, and more moons than we had previously anticipated. Isn’t that
Well, yes and no. I believe it is fantastic that our White scientists could put together such a complex (and highly expensive!) mechanism that could still function out there in the void and send back such intelligent and accurate data from the far reaches of the void, almost two billion miles away. To be able to do so, is utterly astounding and the highest of all accolades to the intelligence and creativity of the White scientists who have accomplished this feat. Having studied engineering, electricity and electronics myself forty some years ago, I can appreciate the complexity and enormity of the feat, and I repeat, it is truly astounding.
But we come back to the bottom line of the question: Are the promised benefits real? Could the amount of time and money have been spent on more beneficial goals for the White Race? Is there really a future in “space”?
We Creators take a damn dim view of the whole “space” program. Yes, it is interesting that there are 12 or 13 moons orbiting Uranus, some of them of an odd-ball shape. As an engineer, or as an amateur scientist, my curiosity is piqued. Yes, I subscribe to and read National Geographic, and have for 25 years, and as such I am also interested in reading about marine life at the bottom of some of our oceans; about pulsars and about “black holes”; about gigantic galaxies millions and even billions of light-years away out there in “outer space” – Yes, it is all very interesting to read about, or speculate about. Yes, I am interested in science, its advancement and in the universe about us-
But – let us get our priorities straight. Whether Uranus has 12 or 13 moons, or no moons at all, is less important to me and most White Racial Comrades than if a family of uncouth niggers moves in on the next block. It is much less important than the fact that millions of illegal Mexicans are flooding across our borders from the South. It is less important than the fact that our children are forcibly bussed across town into nigger infested schools, and niggers into White schools – it is less important than the toxic chemical pollution and nuclear pollution of our planet right here at home – (Read again “Saving Our Precious Planet from becoming a Poisonous Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty”, in Issue No. 26 and 27 of Racial Loyalty.) Considering the so-called “space program” cost somewhere around a hundred billion of the White American taxpayer’s dollars. and will cost a lot more in the coming years, it is, in fact, a damned expensive boondoggle, and of little, if any benefit at all, to those of us that are paying for it.
True, a lot of large Jewish corporations that are part of the industrial-military complex are making a killing; true, we are advancing our technology and scientific knowledge; true, the technology learned can be utilized for military advantages; true, it has “produced” jobs; true, it is fascinating to read about; true, we have “plans” to put huge space-stations, a mile or so in diameter in orbit around the earth, which will
presumably house whole integrated communities; true, we are developing the space shuttle, the latest edition of which just blew sky high into smithereens last month.
But are these values real, or are they merely specious? Let us examine them. one by one. from the White Man’s point of view.
This factor, profit, for Jew-owned corporations is, in fact, the prime driving factor for the whole space program. There is nothing so profitable (except printing money, as practiced by the Jew-owned Federal Reserve) and as secure as having government contracts granted for the
production of military and/or space hardware. But the White taxpayers have to pay the bill for this cozy arrangement, and as usual, are the victims of this gigantic rip-off.
Doing something that is unnecessary and superfluous in the first place is an expensive and roundabout way to acquire new technology. The same advancement could be achieved much more economically by scientific experiments other than producing a lot of expensive and complex hardware we don’t need in the first place. Another question I want to elaborate on a little later is: Do we really need or want more sophisticated technology?
In the first place, the whole defense program against a specious enemy (Russia and communism) is as phony as the whole space program itself. The Jews control the United States (and its supposed NATO allies of Western Europe) just as they do Soviet Russia and its communist
satellites. {Read again “The Phony Fight Ruse” in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity.) If the White Man ever gets the Jew off his back and gets control of his own destiny, the need for wars and defense budgets will vanish overnight. There will no longer be any more need for 300 billion dollar “defense” budgets by which the American taxpayer is now being ripped off in a most treacherous and deceitful manner.
Of course any “make work” ruse creates jobs. If we had a gang of hoodlums go around day after day smashing windows, it would create more jobs and business for glassiers and glass manufacturers. If we had another gang go around and burn down buildings, it would create more work and business for building contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. But is such “make work” really a constructive approach in a society that could be put to work much more productively producing useful and needed wealth? No, it is not. And the whole “space industry” is in the same category of useless endeavor spending untold billions producing something that is not needed in the first place.
We can read any number of science fiction stories that make just as interesting reading as do real spaceship adventures. The science fiction stories have one big advantage: they can be cranked out by the numerous imaginative writers at an infinitesimal fraction of the cost that taxpayers have to come up with to pay for all the unneeded hardware.
There is nothing more stupid and unpractical as the orbiting space stations that we hear so much about in “futuristic plans”. We are told that soon we will have spaceships (or stations) a mile or more in diameter, furnished with apartments, stores, gardens, trees, electric power plants, presumably cars or other vehicles of transportation, all encapsulated in one huge spherical ball. This sphere, then, will orbit around the earth
some three hundred miles out, as do the present TV broadcasting satellites.

These space stations would, presumably, be pressurized to maintain atmospheric pressure, and have exit and entrance doors that would allow people and materials to enter and exit and travel back and forth to earth via some sort of shuttle service. Since the people living in them would be subject to weightlessness, it would also have to revolve about its own axis to produce centrifugal force and the feel of “weight”.
When we consider how utterly pointless such arrangements would be, and how terribly expensive and impractical, we wonder about the sanity of those “our leaders” who are boondoggling the taxpayers money. Consider the catastrophe one hostile rocket aimed at such a space station could produce and it would pale last month’s space shuttle tragedy into insignificance.
In the last few years we have heard much about the “wonderful success” of the space shuttle. What we have not heard much about is the terrible expense of these useless toys. To replace the one that just blew up at the Kennedy Space Center is estimated to cost approximately two billion dollars. Two billion dollars! Do you realize how many niggers we could repatriate to Africa for two billion dollars? Along this same line of thinking, for the 40 billion dollars we spent on putting a man on the moon in 1969, we could have comfortably shipped all of the then 35 million niggers back to Africa, and made them even like it. For the 100 billion dollars we have now spent on the “space program” we could even do it today, and we would all be one hell of a lot better off. (Read again “The Black Plague in our Midst” starting on Page 49, of Nature’s Eternal Religion.)
And just what useful function are these space shuttles supposed to perform? For years I have been looking for a clue as to what useful purpose these imaginative bureaucrats have in mind, but I have never yet heard any specific need or plan that this vast boondoggle is supposed to achieve. True, the scientists dream up highly sophisticated (but idiotic) experiments that “can only be performed in space”, or “by weightlessness”, but they are children’s games at best, playthings for scientists, again paid for at great expense by the over burdened White Taxpayer.
1. BOONDOGGLE. The whole “space program” is highly reminiscent of the huge pyramid building programs of the Ancient Egyptians some four thousand years ago. To build the Great Pyramid of Cheops, for instance, it is estimated it took 100 thousand workers (or slaves) 20 or
more years. Now the pyramid itself is a huge accomplishment and a magnificent monument to the Pharaoh that had it built in his honor. So bully for him. But what about the poor slaves whose blood, sweat and tears went into the project — what did it benefit them, or the Egyptian nation as a whole? Damn little, and, in fact, it is the idiotic pyramid building that is suggested by some historians as contributing to Egypt’s decline.
The present space program is similar. It is tremendously profitable for the big Jewish corporations that are granted government contracts. It is a lot of fun and games for a small coterie of scientists who like to see their projects and imaginative games put into reality, with, of course, somebody else’s money. That money comes from the blood, sweat and tears of the (mostly) White American Taxpayers, on whose backs are
loaded all the failures, rip-offs and shortcomings of the whole world.
2. There is NOTHING OUT THERE for us in Outer Space.
Any intelligent person who thinks this thing through cannot help but ponder the following facts:
(a) We know enough about the moon, and the planets (other than Earth) in our own solar system to realize that none of them are fit for human habitation. In fact, there are even parts of Planet Earth itself, such as the North and South Poles, that are extremely in- hospitable for human habitation. So let’s face it — there is no future for us out there on other planets in our solar system or on the moon. (b) The next nearest place where more planets might be found is around the nearest star, which is four light years away, a long, long distance. It has been calculated that even if we developed such sophisticated rockets that could eventually accelerate to the speed of light, it would still
take 300 thousand years to get there, and presumably another 300 thousand to get back. This is due to the fact that if such spaceships were manned by humans, they could only be accelerated at an acceptable rate until they achieved the speed of light, and at the other end, could only be slowed down at a similar acceptable rate.
Now to get a human species to be encapsulated in a spaceship of any kind for 600 thousand years, would take a lot of inbreeding and reproduction, something like 24 thousand generations, an idiotic conception, even if we disregarded the cruelty of the whole thing.
Then, if they did get there, (and the chances are incalculably small) perhaps one in a trillion that this one star, which although it may have planets orbiting about it, that any of them would be any more habitable than our own Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and what have you.

For the same far-fetched reasons, all this hoopla about intelligent beings in human form coming to visit us from outer space are similarly farfetched fantasies of the imagination. They are, in fact, a replay of all this childish poppycock about “angels” flying around in the heavens above that the exuberant born-again Christians (and others) like to peddle.
It is all very unreal — in fact, it is meandering about in a fool’s paradise.
(c) This Planet Earth is unique. As far as we know, (and we have accumulated a mass of information, especially in recent years) we are alone as an intelligent being in this vast and limitless universe. This may be frightening to some immature individuals, who yearn to adhere to the fantasy of a Father-God image taking care of us all. But fortunately, or unfortunately, evidence does not bear this out. The chances of another planet having all the millions of unique characteristics of temperature, atmosphere, water, oxygen, minerals, etc., in the same combination that produced life on Planet Earth, are extremely remote. If such other planets exist in some distant galaxy, our chances of shuttling back and forth
in communication with them are so remote that you might as well forget about it. If you want to play such games, go back to the Christians’ story about angels with wings, and all that nonsense. At least you don’t have to build any expensive hardware to play these kinds of games of fantasy.
No, my dear White Racial Comrades, for better or for worse this Planet Earth is it, and we had better get our act together to make sure the Jews and niggers don’t steal it from us while we are stupidly fixing our gaze on “outer space”, or on imaginary “next worlds”.
3. I have given a lot of thought to the question: Do we really need or want more complex and sophisticated technology? Is it good for the White Race, or are we already overburdened with more technology than we can comfortably handle? Has the recent burst of nuclear power plants, computers, telephones, television, airplanes, rocket ships, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, huge chemical plants with all their toxic wastes and
pollution — has all this made us any happier? I wonder.
Let us go back, say more than a hundred years ago when we had none of these things to enjoy, or worry about. Let us take a rancher and his cowboys out in the wild and wide open spaces of the West who knew about none of all these complex and sophisticated goodies. They knew nothing about them and didn’t have any high level of expectations in acquiring such sophisticated machinery. Were they any less happy than
the urban dweller in the midst of Los Angeles or New York, who has cars, TV sets, telephones and a host of other complicated paraphernalia surrounding him, including smog, traffic congestion, noise, not to mention a horde of hostile niggers and other mud races crowding in on him?
I have no way of knowing, or of measuring, who is happier or less happy. Personally, I believe that the modern urbanite is more fearful, apprehensive, harassed and frustrated than were our pioneering ancestors.
Anyway you look at it, all this modern technology is becoming highly dangerous to the survival of the White Race itself and if the hydrogen bomb doesn’t blow us to smithereens, the niggers and mud races will do us in. Failing that, toxic and nuclear pollution will perhaps take a little more time, but will inevitably be the slow and lingering death of us all.
We Creators take the position that we are a thousand times more interested in advancing the White gene pool in eugenics than we are in further advancing an already un- manageable technology and all its accompanying hardware.
So let us get back to reality and sort out our priorities and get them straight.
ORDER OF PRIORITIES FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE as viewed by the Church of the Creator.
1. The first order of business is to straighten out the confused and scrambled thinking of our White Racial Comrades.
2. The next order of business is to arouse, unite and organize the tremendous potential power of 500 million White peoples on this Planet Earth
into one powerful battering ram and smash the Jewish parasite that is fastened on our backs, and take charge of our own destiny.
3. We must then organize our society for our own interests – our own survival, expansion and advancement. We believe this can best be done under the aegis of a White Racial religion such as Creativity. When we consider what wonders a racial religion has done for a small minority such as the parasitic Jew, we cannot help but conclude that it would work even more tremendous benefits for the creative genius of Nature’s Finest.
4. Once in charge of OUR OWN DESTINY, we will have control of OUR OWN government, OUR OWN money system, OUR OWN system of education, entertainment, culture, religion and all the other parameters that make up a well-structured society. We can then proceed on OUR OWN terms and reshape the world to OUR OWN needs.
5. The most important step we can then take, (and must take!) is to cleanse our racially polluted society. This means shipping the niggers back to Africa, the Mexicans back to Mexico, the Jews to Israel. Although the latter have only the flimsiest of all claims to Palestine, nevertheless, we will concede this piece of desert to them, and send them to their alleged “homeland”. Should this space prove inadequate for a larger horde of these parasites than they have led us to believe exists, then we will even let the excess masses overflow into the island of Madagascar. In any case, we must cleanse all White countries of all mud races, and especially history’s most obnoxious and dangerous parasite.
6. The next step will then be to cleanse our natural environment of toxic and nuclear wastes before this planet becomes so befouled it is no longer fit to live in, or on. This, too, is a gigantic job and will take decades to complete.
7. Having accomplished this much we can then embark on the two final and most constructive steps: (a) putting our Eugenics program into practice and upgrading the physical, mental and eugenic qualities of our great and noble race, and (b) having stopped subsidizing the shrinking mud races, we will then slowly, surely and aggressively proceed to expand the territory of the White Race until all the good lands of this
bountiful Planet Earth are re-settled by none other than Nature’s Finest.



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