Rq. Christian Identity

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 32 – February 1986
RAHOWA! The Fighting Slogan of the White Race

The White Race is enmeshed in a race war that will not end until it, the White Race, is either exterminated or it inhabits the Planet Earth supreme. Although most members of Nature’s Finest either don’t realize it, or whether it is stupidly trying to ignore it, is beside the point. The Jews, the niggers and mud races are keenly aware of it and will wage it unto death, whether we want it or not.
When a people stoop so low as to abjectly bow to the traitorous power structure to “honor” Martin Lucifer Koon as a hero above their own traditional White heroes, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.) then it is time to declare open war. I cannot think of anything more humiliating than for Nature’s Finest to surrender their own honor and abjectly kowtow to a nigger reprobate whose FBI record was so odious it has to be locked up
from public scrutiny until the year 2027. How low can you stoop?
The mud races have foisted war on us. There is no escaping it. We therefore are forced to pick up the challenge, wage it fiercely, no quarter given, until victory is ours. We must also give it identity, give it a name. The Moslems have their name for theirs. It is Jihad. We need to have our own and the Church of the Creator has coined a word for it.
The word is Rahowa! It means White RAcial HOly WAr. (Pronounced rah-ho-wah.)
Let us wage it fiercely, fearlessly and tenaciously until victory is ours. RAHOWA!

* * * * *
“The Church of the Creator represents the only rational religion of which I know.” – Dr. Revile P. Oliver
* * * * *
The Perfect Con-game: Promise pie-in- the-sky when you die. Nobody ever comes back for a refund.

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 32 – February 1986
Comparative Religions – Part XI –

British Israel


A Vice-President in charge of advertising for a large cosmetics firm was chatting with a friend, exchanging a little banter over a few drinks.
“How can you make such fantastic claims for your cosmetics?” asked the friend.
“It’s easy,” replied the V. P. “We just lie like hell.”
“But how do you get away with it?”
“No problem,” replied the V. P. “The women desperately want to believe that our face creams and lotions and potions will do all those wonderful things for them. So they just buy, buy, buy. They’re happy, and we make millions.”
This brings us to the subject I want to expose and examine in more detail, namely, the art of spook peddling, which is even more profitable and more deceptive than promoting cosmetics.
Today, with the aid of the electronic Jew, one of the most lucrative (and deceptive) rackets on the modern scene is the nefarious art of peddling spooks in return for millions. It is a con-game without parallel. We have such unholy con-artists as Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Jerry Falwell, Garner Ted Armstrong, Billy Hargis, Billy Graham, Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, Robert Schuller, and the late, great Jim Jones
of Guyana fame, and slews of lesser con-men on the boob-tube selling the spooks-in-the-sky swindle, day in and day out. Many of these topnotch con-artists take in forty, fifty and sixty million dollars of funny money a year. Federal Reserve notes that are as phony as the lies these swindlers are peddling to their gullible victims. With or without the electronic boob- tube, this racket has been going on for thousands of years.
However, in the last century or so a new breed of purveyors has been emerging that has given the standard hellfire and brimstone crowd a new twist, and that is the British-Israel wing, also known as the Identity movement. Since the accompanying Liberty Bell article gives a scholarly history of this movement, I need not repeat it here, but rather I want to focus on the impact it has had, and is having today, in the crucial battle for the survival of the White Race.
Some of these Christians, those who have discovered what skillful and congenital liars the Jews are, of how obnoxious and repugnant they have been throughout history, found themselves in a serious dilemma. Since most of their precious bible is Jewish from cover to cover and keeps gushing repeatedly about Yahweh’s endless and palpitating love affair with these despicable reprobates, they found this hard to take. So
some ingenious inventor came up with a brilliant new twist. Why not claim that the Jews are not at all the real Israelites, but children of the Devil, and we, the White Race are the genuine article. Why, with a little sleight of hand, some clever juxtapositioning and a lot of gullibility, we can claim that the ‘Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” wandered into an uninhabited Europe sometime in the first millennium B.C.E. and rapidly populated it from one end to the other. Isn’t that wonderful? Now we, the White Race, can claim that we are the real Israelites and the scurvy Jews are nothing but phony impostors. Isn’t that great? (Why, with the same procedure, you could be Napoleon Bonaparte reincarnated. All it takes is a little bit of INSANITY.) Ipso facto, the problem is solved. Now WE are the ones that the Yahweh of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so dearly loved that he would knock himself silly in order to ingratiate himself with these reprobates that had all the morals of an alley cat. How lucky can you get?
In a nutshell, that is the position of the Identity movement.
There are so many misconceptions contained in the fraudulent assumptions of the Identity movement that it is hard to list them all. But I will try to sort them out.
(1) There is not a shred of evidence that the Jewish tribal god of Yahweh existed in the supposed time of Abie, Ikey, and Jakey, or exists today, anymore than that Santa Claus or Mother Goose exists, or existed.
(2) There is not a shred of evidence that Abraham, Isaac or Jacob (or Moses, for that matter) ever existed, and all indications are that they are no more than fictitious figments of the Jewish imagination.
(3) There is not a shred of historical evidence that there ever were any Ten Lost Tribes, and if they ever existed and got lost, all I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE. Too bad the other two didn’t disappear also.
(4) It is absolutely preposterous to claim that Europe was an empty wasteland until the “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” entered into it and suddenly populated it. It is contrary to Greek history. Roman history, Celtic history, Frankish history, Teutonic history and all other authentic history. It also contradicts all archaeological evidence that has been unearthed in the last several centuries, including cave drawings in France, Spain and other parts of Europe. Many of these artifacts and drawings by our White European ancestors date back as much as 20 thousand years. For a thorough anthropological study of our ancestry, I suggest you read the November issue of National Geographic. Also Madison Grant’s classic, “Passing of the Great Race” is an excellent treatment on the subject of racial movement in prehistoric Europe.
(5) We now come to the final question: considering what sleazy characters Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were, according to the highly touted Old Testament itself, who but a deranged idiot WOULD WANT to have these lecherous pimps, murderers and whoremongers for their ancestors? I would much prefer to have a set of genuine old-fashioned horse thieves for my progenitors than these sleazy Jewish reprobates.
Besides being a shiftless nonentity at the age of 75, Abraham (so the stupid story goes) was a footloose pimp who peddled his (half-sister) wife to the highest bidder, not only once, but repeatedly, for ill-begotten loot. He murdered a number of people. He fornicated with his maid. He and Sarah had their first child when both were ninety-nine. (Would you believe?) Isaac followed a similar pattern. Jacob deceived his senile, blind father and betrayed his brother Esau, all with Yahweh’s explicit blessings. Then there is that great Lion of Israel, Judah, who fornicated with his daughter-in-law believing she was a common roadside whore. There is the big Star of the Show, King David, who while wooing King Saul’s daughter Michal, brought a dowry of two hundred foreskins from slain Philistine warriors to Saul. (Read it for yourself: I Samuel, Ch. 18, Verse 27.) For more sick, lurid details read Chapter 10, “The Old Testament” in Nature’s Eternal Religion.
Now I ask any sane, intelligent White Man who has not yet gone bonkers in the name of Yahweh, why would you want to break your neck to distort history and WANT to be a descendant of such trash that even the morals of an alley cat would be put to shame? I would say that no sane, self-respecting White Man would. We now come to the next cogent question: Why should we Creators, who are totally dedicated to the
survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race be particularly concerned about those misguided souls that believe in British-Israel? After all, they constitute only a minor percentage of the Christian population, perhaps less than one percent.
Well, there are good and sufficient reasons why we should be concerned. Whereas the overwhelming majority of White Christians do not believe they are the “real Israelites”, the average run of Christians are the poorest of all prospects for building a White racial movement. For all practical purposes, the gung-ho Christian is unreachable for the present. The Identity crowd, on the other hand, are a different breed of cat.
They crave Identity as a member of the White Race and are therefore the type of people the White Race needs to save itself. The big problem is they want to keep their hang-up with the Jewish spooks intact at the same time, a frustrating dilemma that splits their loyalty straight down the middle. We therefore have dual loyalists (as the SPOTLIGHT calls the Jews) that claim to be for the White Race, but also for the Jewish spook – an impossible incongruity. In so doing they confuse the hell out of those White racists that could effectively help wage the war for the survival and resurrection of the White Race,
Not only do they vastly confuse the issue, but these befuddled spook-chasers hate us rational White Loyalists much more passionately than they hate the Jews. Why? Because the Jews claim to believe in some kind of spook, even if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ, so they can be forgiven. But we Creators — oy vey! That is a different story. We cut the very ground out from under them that supports their favorite hang-up — their personal Holy Cow. We demolish with sheer rationality all this intoxicating nonsense about spooks all around us, surveilling us, monitoring us, judging us, burning us in Hell. It makes them insanely furious that we expose and ridicule their cherished escape into insanity, and they
would gladly burn us in Hell if they could, as witness the letter from Bishop Grant R. Powell, which we publish on a previous page. Is there anyone more vicious, more sadistic, more hateful than a born-again Christian? I think not.
I remember a meeting I attended in Kansas City in 1977. There was good old Gerda Koch expounding on how our country and our constitution were solidly built on the Christian Bible, an idea thoroughly repudiated by the Founding Fathers, who were determined to keep the church out of government. However, as she fixed her baleful eye on me, her main invective was directed against those miscreants who did not “believe” in
the supernatural.
Then there is the Rev. Richard Butler, who with an engineering background should know better. As head of “Aryan Nations” he is pursuing the “Dual Loyalist” course of a true hypocrite, subservient to the Jew-concocted spooks and White racism, two completely conflicting and diametrically opposed concepts. But when it comes to those who would fight for and pursue a rational and well structured creed and program for White survival without dragging all this damn spooks clutter along with us, why, then all hell breaks loose, and there is no fury equal to that of a spook-chaser spurned.
It is the position of the Church of the Creator that the fight for survival against overwhelming odds is going to be fierce and drastic enough as it is, without weighing ourselves down with a lot of unnecessary clutter and tying our hands behind our back. (See “Self- imposed Handicap”, Issue No. 6, EXPANDING CREATIVITY.) Who needs all this confusion, clutter and bickering that the Christians themselves haven’t been able to reconcile for the last 18 centuries. We sure as hell don’t, and it must (and will!) be our continuing program to purge the White Man’s mind of all this Jewish trash and rubbish.
At this point I would like to ask every White Man to ask his own conscience this categorical question: What is so great In having “deep and abiding faith” in some belief founded on neither fact nor logic? For example, could any thinking man have anything other than pity and
contempt for a Hindu who insisted in believing cows are holy? Or a Christian, who “believes” in spooks in the sky that no one in all history has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt? Or an Identity fanatic, who will persist in claiming that the mythical “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” populated Europe in short order and are our ancestors, when every piece of archaeological evidence, every written manuscript of history, categorically refutes such nonsense?
We Creators are sick and tired of putting up with such idiots who will indulge in such obvious insanities, and expect that we will “respect” their “beliefs”.
Frankly, we have no intention of doing so, or even tolerating such nonsense anymore than we intend to respect a Hindu’s “belief” that cows are holy. Facts are facts, evidence is evidence, and nonsense is nonsense. Pity the poor bastard who can’t tell the difference. We will use our intelligence and our good judgment in the area of religion just as we will in any other. We will praise and commend good common sense, and we will ridicule and condemn any person, idea or movement that we find is based on nothing more than a nonsensical “belief.
But let us look further into the claims and character of the prestigious Rev. Richard Butler.
Recently a young man came all the way from the state of Washington to visit us at our World Headquarters. He had been working with the Jews in Hollywood when he slowly became aware of what an odious and repugnant bunch they were, which, in turn, alerted his racial consciousness. Moving to Spokane, Washington, he became aware of the Aryan Nations group, who further aroused his racial loyalty. Someone gave him a copy of The White Man’s Bible, which he read with considerable interest. When he asked the Rev. Butler about this book, the latter, avid Christian that he is, immediately responded with contempt, “Oh, Klassen, he’s a Jew! He’s an atheist! He’s got to be a Jew!”

Now, Christians brag’ about their veracity, their kindness and charity. The Rev. Butler flagrantly violated all these tenets out of hand, without giving it a second thought, confirming what I have always contended: Never trust a Christian. Anyone who would lie to himself will repeatedly lie to others.
The facts are Klassen is a CREATOR, not an atheist, anymore than Butler is an infidel dog (according to the Moslem view). Nor is Klassen a Jew, anymore than Butler is a black nigger. (Should Butler, in fact, be a nigger, I will retract that statement.) The Rev. Butler had every opportunity in the world to check my racial genealogy before disseminating such a derogatory lie. But he didn’t bother. He evidently felt he had to protect his “Identity” hang-up at all costs, and lying about someone else evidently presented no problem. As I said before – anyone who will lie to himself….
There are those confused and well meaning Individuals who will say – let’s not bring up religion. Let’s all just get together and fight the Jews.
Maybe even the niggers and the Mexicans. Everyone’s “religious faith” is a private matter and let’s leave well enough alone.
Sounds good. But it doesn’t work that way. Anyone’s private “faith” is very much a concern in a life and death battle for the survival of our race. For instance, would you join hands with a White Man whose “private faith” was communism? Or if he belonged to the Black Muslims? Or if he was a dedicated Mooney? Or if he embraced Judaism? Or, like Jerry Falwell and his ilk, was an Israel Firster?
No, I would not. There is nothing more dangerous than having a schizophrenic with a split loyalty in your ranks and having to depend on him in time of crisis. And that is exactly what the Identity crowd is. They are hypocrites with a dual loyalty that is split between loyalty to the White Race and loyalty to Jewish Christianity, two diametrically opposed concepts that are fundamentally hostile to each other. The Billy Grahams, the Jerry Falwells and the rest of their ilk, at least we know where they stand, and we won’t ever entertain any trust in them. But the Identity crowd is even more dangerous because they would deceive us by pretending they are on our side. But we Creators don’t believe them. Comes der Crunch, and they will opt for the rapture, Jesus Christ, Yahweh and all the rest of that clutter. So we are their enemies, and they are ours. The sooner we realize this, the clearer will be our thinking, and the better off we will all be. I have no illusions about straightening out the confused clutter in the minds of such as the Rev. Richard Butler. Like concrete, their minds are all mixed up and hard set. He and his kind are a lost cause. However, it is the younger set like the young man that came to us, whose minds are still open and receptive, it Is to these we appeal.
We say to them: dump all this Jewish Christianity and its accompanying garbage. Join with us in a rational hard-hitting White racial religion that is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone. It is well structured, it is clear, it is complete, it is comprehensive. It is specifically designed to overcome the treacherous Jewish network and again make the White Race the
pride and epitome of Nature’s Realm.
Can we do it? You damn right we can, and we will. We now have in our hands the blueprint and the tools to do it with. If we distribute and place in the hands of our White Racial Comrades as few as 10 million copies of our White Man’s Bibles, not only the battle, but also the whole war will be won, once and for all. And believe me, it will be the biggest bargain the White Race ever bought for itself. We spend more in one day, than the 10 million Bibles would cost, on subsidizing the free-loading niggers in our midst, not to mention Israel, the Jews and all the other parasites on a global scale.
Once the CREATIVITY idea has permeated the White Man’s mind, the battle will be over for all time. We will then be able to save our ecology, save our land, save our planet and get on with the long term job of up-breeding and advancement of our precious race.
We have ample means with which to do the job – so let’s get with it! (Read again Issue No. 9, “We Are Not Helpless,” in EXPANDING CREATIVITY.)

* * * * *

We want more problem solvers, not more hand-wringers.

* * * * *

Rights are something that are not granted, but taken by those who are capable. Nature has endowed us with the means to become the natural heirs to Planet Earth.

* * * * *

Before the White Race can ever organize a steamroller movement of any kind it has to polarize around a racial religious core. Creativity is the Answer.


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