Rm. More deady than’

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 31 – January 1986

More Deadly Than the H-Bomb

A Ticking Time Bomb
In this analysis we want to explore the devastating destructiveness of a mud avalanche of massive proportions in its uncontrolled deluge upon the human population.
For several days running we have recently read in glaring headlines of the newspapers, how the Navada del Ruiz volcano in the Andes erupted in Colombia. For months it had been sending out signals and rumbling its ominous threat to the townspeople below, but no one had taken any particular heed.
Then suddenly, on November 13, 1985, the three mile high volcano broke out in all its fury and spewed forth blazing volcanic ash, rocks and fire. It melted its huge overlying snowcap and hurled down torrents of mud that buried four sleeping towns in the Andes Mountain valley of the Langunilla River.
At first fiery volcanic ash cascaded into the valleys below. A few hours later a massive avalanche of mud crashed down upon the four towns, which had a combined population of 70 thousand.
The Langunilla River became a rushing wall of mud and sludge. It destroyed at least 85 percent of Armero, a coffee farming town of 50 thousand people, located 105 miles northwest of Bogota and 30 miles from the volcano itself.
Three other towns that lie on the river between the volcano and Armero were also wiped out in the rampaging avalanche of mud, sludge, volcanic ash and rocks.
The initial count was 20 thousand dead. As the rescue workers tried to move in they were at an extreme disadvantage since the highway and five bridges leading to the disaster area had been deluged in mud, in some places by walls of mud 15 feet high.
Buried under this sea of mud and sludge were thousands of bodies, most of which are buried permanently and will never be recovered. A week later the count of the dead and missing was revised upward to 22,500. Sixty thousand acres of farmland had also been destroyed.
Many ugly scenes accompanied the tragedy, footers began to appear, and robbed the mud covered corpses, as well as what could be found in abandoned remains of buildings. The army was instructed to “shoot to kill” on the scene any looters caught in the act. A week after the initial eruption, firemen around Armero rounded up two thousand dead bodies in a number of piles and burned them in a funeral pyre in an attempt to stave off the spread of contagious disease and prevent impending epidemics.
As the rescue teams went to work under an extreme handicap, pictures of people being pulled out of the mud were copiously being displayed in the news media, on TV, and in the papers. Mud, mud, mud, all over, on bodies, faces, plants, animals, buildings. A major mess, a major tragedy.
Such a devastating catastrophe grabs world headlines because of the personal tragedies and dramas that are involved, and rightfully so, because it is a natural disaster of portentous dimensions. As usual, the largest amounts of aid and rescue came from good old Uncle Sap, or to be more exact, the White American taxpayers, upon whose backs are laid all the burdens, tragedies and shortcomings of the world.
Just how important is the tragedy of the Colombian mud slide? In answering that question we must ask this question – from whose point of

In Creative Credo No. 2 of The White Man’s Bible we spell out our answer to this question, and it is clear and simple. As far as the Church of the Creator is concerned, every issue is viewed through the eyes of the White Man, and boils down to this basic criteria: is it good, or is it bad, for the White Race?
Looked at from this perspective, the Colombian disaster is of little import to the White Race, except that the exploited and over- burdened White taxpayers of America will be further strained in ex- tending their largesse to every remote corner of the world, to corners and peoples in whom they have little or no interest. The White people of America are, in fact, forced to aid and subsidize, whether they like it or not, the very type of people who through the ominous population explosion, are threatening to crowd the White Race from off the face of the earth. We are talking about the mud peoples of the world, whose subsidized explosion will inevitably wipe the White Race from the face of this planet, unless
we change course.
Looked at through the eyes of the White Man, from the interests of the White Race, from the point of view of the Church of the Creator, the Colombian disaster is of minor significance, and except for the increased aid being demanded from us because of it, it really concerns us very little. Of much more disastrous import to our best interests. In fact, to the very survival of the White Race itself, is the massive avalanche of
mad peoples that la descending upon every country built and Inhabited by the White Man, particularly the deluge that is now flooding the United States of America.

It is this particular disaster, the massive avalanche of mud peoples now converging upon and polluting the United States of America, the last bastion of the White Race, that I want to especially focus upon in this dissertation. It is this mud flood that we Creators deem a million times more ominous than that which recently happened in Colombia, but which the Jew-controlled news media studiously is determined to ignore. While pretending not to notice the genocide of the White Race, the Jewish powerhouse is, in fact, feverishly promoting this development, treacherously orchestrating the demise of the White Race and the rapid proliferation of the mud races throughout the world.
Now the Colombia mudslide was a natural disaster, and along with earthquakes, hurricanes and other such calamities, we have natural disasters of lesser or greater magnitude every year. Although they cause a considerable amount of damage, the human race manages to survive them without a hitch, and keeps on increasing and multiplying in spite of them. But what would you say if there were a sinister group of people that deliberately planned, instigated and perpetrated a mudslide a million times more deadly than the Colombian disaster, and perpetrated it on a whole race of people in order to destroy it and wipe out that race? What if the group that was perpetrating such a heinous
crime was the scum of humanity, a parasite on the human race, and their target for genocide was Nature’s Finest? What if the race they were perpetrating it against was your own race, the White Race? Would you consider this an act of war, a war that should be recognized, declared openly, loud and clear, and the enemy, the parasite, destroyed as quickly and decisively as possible?
The fact, the realities of today’s situation is that all of the above “what ifs” are happening. The Jewish power establishment is pursuing genocide upon the White Race with a vehemence and hatred unparalleled in all history. The United States is no longer a White nation, it is now a racially pluralistic, polyglot mixture of miscreants, ruled over and tyrannized by the Jewish Occupational Government (J.O.G.) which control the news media, the government, the finances, and every other meaningful nerve center of power, which means are considerable.
Some of the most sinister of its programs in destroying the White Race are: (a) Promoting the population explosion of the mud races all over the world by subsidizing their increase at the expense of the White Race. (b) Flooding the formerly White countries of the world with hordes of mud races through immigration, (c) Race-mixing the conglomerate mess so that the White Race is mongrelized out of existence.
In short, its program is to wipe out the White Race in a dismal flood of mud. This is happening on a worldwide scale. The White Race is deliberately being drowned in a sea of mud, as surely as were the victims in Colombia.
Let us briefly look at recent history, and some not so recent.
About 33 million years ago, anthropologists theorized, our ancestors resembled an anthropoid that was somewhat of a cross between a small monkey and a cat, and weighed somewhere between four and five pounds. The “human” race as such had its dim beginnings probably three or four million years ago, but as to when it crossed the line into being “human” is a matter of conjecture. The White Race as such became an
entity as a species probably as long as 100 thousand years ago, distinguishing it from other anthropoids of lesser intelligence. Civilization as such began to emerge approximately 10 thousand years ago, evolving exclusively from the continuing development of the White Race.
Be that as it may, and although all these benchmarks may be extremely tentative and somewhat blurred, nevertheless, they can be of
considerable value in lending proper perspective and a clearer overview of the historic calamity that is unfolding before our eyes now in the latter part of the 20th Century.
Starting with the year I of the Common Era, until 1650 C.E„ the population of the world increased very little. Then the Industrial Revolution set in and the White Race of Europe was (slowly) able to produce more goods and food for itself, and by 1850 C.E. the world population reached the benchmark figure of one billion. As the Industrial Revolution gained momentum, so did the increase in population, again, thanks to the productivity of the White Race. It took only another 80 years to add the second billion to the world’s population. By this time we have arrived at the year 1930, the world depression, followed by a genocidal war of decimation between a confused and insanely disoriented White Race.
Despite all these devastatingly destructive setbacks, it took on ly another 30 years (1960) before the third billion was added. It then took only
another 15 years (1975) before the fourth billion was add- ed. By 1984 the world population was estimated at 4.6 billion with the explosion accelerating rapidly.
But this is not the end of the ongoing explosion by any means. In fact, we are now only in the middle of a rapidly expanding population the likes of which the world has never witnessed before. Projecting this cancerous growth forward, (and, yes, it is cancerous, very much so) demographers project a world population of 6.2 billion by the year 2000 C.E., (not far away) and levelling off at 10.5 billion by 2110 C.E.
Imagine 10.5 billion starving, clawing, filthy, overcrowded people on this poor, groaning Planet Earth! What a scenario of horror! How ghastly!
At this point I suggest you read again the article “Expanding and Proliferating the Misery” in Racial Loyalty No. 22. As a pallative, and just so you won’t want to go out and commit hari kari before evening, I suggest you also read, “A Planet Devoid of Mud Races” in Issue No. 30, which is the real answer to the dilemma we are about to explore. But we are getting ahead of our story.
I ask you again, can you imagine a world that is crowded with 10.5 billion people? Can you envisage the pollution, the garbage, the filth, the miserable, crowded anthill this world would become under such conditions? Even at the present population of slightly less than five billion, it is becoming an infested and infected garbage dump, in which fewer and fewer areas of this planet are fit to live in for a creative, freedom loving White man, woman or child.
We Creators have no intention of living in a world that if rapidly deteriorating into a pigsty. We will not tolerate living like a pig, nor living like a nigger. We are determined to live the good life, the abundant life, at a level that is befitting to every decent White person, a lifestyle even better than we have become accustomed to in the past.
Do you realize what it takes to sustain even one White American for one year? Here are a few random statistics supplied by the United States Bureau of Mines (1975): It takes 7,650 lbs. of petroleum; 5.200 lbs. of coal; 4,200 lbs. of natural gas; 8,000 lbs. of stone; 8,000 lbs. of sand and gravel; 660 lbs. of cement; 450 lbs. of clay; 430 lbs. of salt; 1,400 lbs. of other non-metals; 1,000 lbs. of iron and steel; 46 lbs. of zinc; 11 lbs. of
lead; 31 lbs. of other metals. The total of these non-renewable minerals is 40 thousand pounds per year for every man, woman and child. This is for every 12 months. If all the rest of humanity wants to live at our level (and they do!) multiply this by 10.5 billion, and you don’t have to be a genius of a mathematician to realize that such an overcrowded world would be one of a clawing, starving mass of humanity, living at a level
worse than 50 hogs in a pigpen designed for two.
In the above scenario we have not listed the tons of water, food and fibre that would also be required. But this is hardly necessary. I believe the picture is adequately clear.
Now we CREATORS have emphatically stated time and again – we have no intention of settling for a world that is nothing more than a miserable pigsty. We CREATORS envisage an uncrowded world stabilized at no more than perhaps one billion people, as it was back in 1850, but with several differences.
For one thing, we envisage a planet settled exclusively with capable, intelligent White people – people competent to produce, to organize, to maintain law and order, to maintain stable governments and an orderly society.
So far we have only told half the story of the world population explosion. We now come to the bad news – the real crux of this article – the part the Jewish news monopoly has never dared to reveal to you. That ominous fact the news media have sought to suppress is this: The present world population explosion is not shared by the White Race. The White Race is actually shrinking, retreating from formerly occupied territory,
and lamely apologizing in the process.
The world is rapidly being overrun with hostile, incompetent mud races – blacks, browns, reds and yellows – all hostile as hell to the White Race which has subsidized and sustained them in recent times, and made the present population explosion inevitable.
The mud peoples are coming! The mud peoples are coming! Are they ever! They are coming by the billions. They are coming with a vengeance, instigated, incited and lead by the Jews. Their main objective is to exterminate the White Race – the goose that laid the golden egg.
When I say goose, I do mean a stupid goose. No race in history has ever acted more stupidly as far as their own interests and welfare are concerned. It is the unswerving objective of the Church of the Creator to alert and alarm the White Race of this situation, to arouse the slumbering giant, to organize and take charge of our own destiny, and to rebuild the world in the idealistic projection as envisaged in last
month’s issue No. 30 of Racial Loyalty.
Let us examine the mechanics of the multiplication factor and what it portends for our Planet Earth, our one and only home.
It has been mathematically calculated that if only one pair of amorous flies were left to breed to their full capacities, and their succeeding offspring likewise, with no restrictions of food, air, space, etc., that by autumn of the same year all their descendants could cover the entire surface of the earth with a solid layer of flies 60 feet thick.
Think of that. One pair of flies. Now, if this multiplication factor were to continue, in short order that 60 foot layer would expand into a ball whose
radius would reach all the way to the sun, and soon the radius of that ball would be expanding at the speed of light.
Now we realize that all such production and multiplication is limited by food, water, air. space, etc. The same restrictions, of course, also apply to the expansion of the mud races, otherwise they, too, would soon cover the earth with a solid layer 60 feet thick and onward to the sun and beyond. It might take a little longer than one season, but not more than a generation or two. Of all these limitations, the first limiting factor to
come into play has been a shortage of sufficient food. It is mainly food, the lack of it, that has prevented the present explosive increase. It is the unprecedented subsidization of the mud races by the phenomenal productivity of food by the White Race that has fueled the present runaway population explosion. Whereas the White Race produces, the White Race gives away, the White Race subsidizes, it does not, however, share in the population increase. It is, in fact, rapidly shrinking into oblivion. It is this unbelievable generosity, this unprecedented magnanimity (read stupidity) that is setting the stage for a worldwide disaster of major magnitude.
But the Jew is not satisfied with just subsidizing the mud races on a worldwide basis in their own poverty-ridden countries. It is moving heaven and earth to bring the muds inside the borders of the White countries themselves in order to hasten the demise of the White Race. By means of immigration it is flooding inside the border those very countries that the White Race can still call their homeland.
Let us examine immigration of muds into the United States, the official policy of our Jewish Occupational Government (J.O.G.), the violation of
those laws, and the magnitude of the flood.
In 1790 the young Republic held its first census. The count was roughly four million people, including approximately 750 thousand black and mulatto slaves. Of the ethnic White population, approximately 89.1 percent was Anglo Saxon, and approximately 8.1 per- cent of German and Dutch national origins. English had been established as the official language of the land and the other White peoples adopted it, and in short order blended into the homogeneous population that set the pattern of its culture, laws and customs. Contrary to the “melting pot” myths the Jews now love to promote, the White people of the United States were remarkably harmonious in their genetic origins, and the rest of its
people, Indians, niggers, mulattoes, were of no real influence or significance.
Due to the Industrial Revolution, the growth of industry, and the rapid population growth, the pressure for immigration increased in the countries of Western and Northern Europe. For most of these people, the vast, empty spaces of America were an overwhelming magnet. At first it was a trickle. Only 8,385 immigrants arrived in 1820. But by 1840 the annual immigration reached 84,066.
From there on out it began to accelerate rapidly. Between 1841 and 1860 more than 4,311,465 came. Of these more than 87 percent were from Ireland, Germany and Great Britain, all good, desirable racial stock.
The Gold Rush in California led to the importation of Chinese coolies to help build the railroads that soon followed. Again, it was the greed of the White industrialists (heavily sprinkled with Jewish money and control) that could not resist the temptation of taking advantage of the cheap labor available from inferior races, to the detriment of the White gene pool.
The White working man, however, became alarmed, and saw the poorly paid Chinese coolies as a threat to their very existence, to their jobs in the mines, railroad building, and other areas. State legislatures reacted to the sudden influx of Chinese and enacted legislation to exclude them. Then in 1875 the United States Supreme Court (again, that damned Supreme Court) ruled that state laws regulating immigration were
unconstitutional, on the pretext that they restrained interstate commerce. However, the racial instincts of the then predominantly White population was still fairly sound and the public demand increased to keep these Orientals out. As a result, that same year, 1875, Congress passed legislation aimed at restricting the entry of Chinese coolies. When Chinese immigration continued despite this law. Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which did significantly reduce Oriental immigration. However, by 1882 approximately 220 thousand Chinese had already polluted our shores.
About this time there was another significant shift in the pat- tern of new immigrants into the United States, other than Orientals. Not only was the tide of immigration swelling into a flood, but the source of the new immigrants changed drastically, again, to the detriment of White racial quality. Whereas up until the 1880’s about 95 percent of the immigration to the United States was from Northern Europe, an increasing tide now began to originate in Southern and Eastern Europe. Whereas the original settlers and builders of America were of Anglo-Saxon or Teutonic stock, i.e., Nordic, now the tide shifted to those from Russia, Italy, Poland, Eastern Austria and Hungary. Included in this mass migration were hordes of Eastern Jews from Poland, Russia, and the Balkans.
The earlier Nordic immigrants were interested in farms, in acquiring land, and living in rural areas. This new Eastern wave was different. They were clannish, congregated in cities and grouped together in ethnic enclaves. The Jews, especially, formed alien “ghettos” of their own making and soon began to dominate politics, finances and most other nerve centers of power, all the while fiercely retaining their old country mores and customs, and especially retaining their hostility to the Gentiles and their loyalty to the Tribe of Judah.
Here are some figures that reflect the shift. Whereas in the decade between 1860-70 only 1.5 percent of the immigrants to the United States
originated in Eastern Europe, by 1881-90 it was 18.3 percent; 1891-1900 it was 51.9 percent; and by 1901-1910 the figure was 70.8 percent.
Not only was the type of immigrant drastically changing but the mass of the number of immigrants as well. By the decade of 1881 to 1890 a total of 5,246,613 entered the United States, twice the number of any previous decade. The frontier was coming to an end and many Americans were alarmed at the mass and at the type of the “new immigrants”. Public demand led to new restrictive immigration laws in the 1890’s and the early 1900’s.
At the same time Japanese immigrants were entering California and the West Coast in increasing numbers. Because of their low standard of living and their high birthrates the White residents were alarmed that sooner or later these Orientals might take over and drive them out of their own land. Public pressure increased for a total ban on Orientals, and this finally led to the Immigration Act of 1917, which greatly broadened the restrictions on new immigrants from the Orient.
Meanwhile the flood from Europe continued. The dislocations from World War I in Europe threatened to pump even larger numbers of immigrants into the United States, which now itself was suffering from unemployment and a shortage of housing.
In 1921 a stop-gap law was passed limiting the number of foreigners coming in to about three percent a year respectively of national origins as they were represented in the United States in 1910. This reduced the tide to about 358 thousand immigrants per year and especially reduced the immigrants coming in from Eastern Europe. Still there were too many. In 1924, another immigration law was passed phasing out the 1921 act and replaced it with a national origins plan to take affect in 1929. This was designed in an attempt to (a) maintain the ethnic status quo, and (b) it placed a limited total quota per year, originally set at 153,714, a drastic cut back from the 5 million plus tide of the 1880’s.
At last the United States had a sensible immigration law that reasonably protected it from becoming a dumping ground of the “refuse”, the “teeming masses”, from foreign shores, as eulogized on the Statue of Liberty. It would, had the law been kept, had a fair chance at keeping the United States White, prosperous and fairly comfortable, an uncrowded land in which to live. There was, however, one fatal flaw in it. It did not keep out the alien Jews, nor did it do anything to keep the disruptive Jews already here from taking control, dismantling, polluting and destroying our fair country.
After World War II, both the flood tide of more Jews and their disruptive tactics reached epidemic proportions, and the dismantling of America, the destruction of the White Race and the worldwide population explosion accelerated rapidly.
The Jews, who were the real instigators of World War II, were also the real and only winners of that war, a war that cost the world at least 50 million casualties, the overwhelming number of which victims were from the White Race. Yet even before the war was over, they had cunningly contrived a hoax that they would spread on an unsuspecting world, namely that the Germans had gassed six million Jews. This was, and is, one of the biggest and most successful hoaxes in history, rivaled only by the Jewish hoax of Christianity itself. (Read again, C.C. No. 37, “The Six Million Lie” in The White Man’s Bible.)
Be that as it may, what with their almost total control of worldwide propaganda (and just about everything else) they have made that hoax stick
until this very day, 40 years later. The dividends they have reaped from this hoax have been tremendous, and they were now in the position to move from the destruction of Germany and Europe to the dismantling of the United States and the destruction of the White Race itself on a worldwide basis. They have lost no time in doing so.
Whereas during World War II it had been a sin (according to Jewish propaganda) to be a Nazi and/or a German, it now became a sin to be a “racist,” well, that is, if you were White, which also soon became a sin. To be a fervent Zionist, fanatically pro-Israel, that was great, to be a nigger racist, like Martin Lucifer Koon was to become a national hero, the grandeur and sublimity of which was to exceed those of our former national heroes of Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln. (If you don’t believe this, just measure the adulation meted out in the Jewish press on MLK, the former reprobate, car thief and whoremonger this coming January, and compare.) It now became not only a crime to be White but to
even think like a White Man.
During the last half of the 1940’s the first major step was to loot the American taxpayers and support the rest of the world with a give- away program called the Marshall Plan. This supposedly was under the guise of “Fighting Communism,” whose neck we had just saved in World War II. (Read again, “The Phony Fight Ruse” in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity.) It was the first major step in the population explosion of the mud races of the world, all at the expense of the White American Taxpayer.
The next step, with the help of race traitors such as Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, was the enactment of the “Civil Rights” Laws of the 1960’s. When a willing Kennedy floundered and no longer had the prestige and influence to push these asinine laws through Congress, the Jews, with the instrumentality of their Mossad agents, had Kennedy assassinated. On the then orchestrated wave of sympathy for a “martyred”
president, the Jews neatly manipulated their rapid passage under Johnson. It now became the law of the land that you had to love niggers, live next to them, fawn over them and adulate over them, whether you liked it or not. Race mixing now became the new dogma, the new religion of the establishment, and the Jews have been riding high on this abomination against Nature ever since.
As could be expected, with the Jew promoted Civil Rights Laws of the 1960’s soon came a profound change in United States immigration policies. Since the official religion of the establishment now was to hate Whitey and love the niggers, muds and aliens, it now became our beholden Christian duty to not only feed the scum of the world but to take them to our bosom and allow them to flood our homelands.
The rest of the “Third World” (read mud peoples) hordes were ready to surge in by the millions and needed little encouragement. But nevertheless, our J.O.G. determined to provide encouragement – plenty of it. By (a) first of all providing food for all the muds and providing the basis for the population explosion; then (b) sending in the C.I.A. to promote communism, revolution and anarchy (Read again, “The Phony Fight Ruse” in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity)’, then, (c) adding to the debacle by sending in our troops, as in the Vietnam War, or in Central America, or the Middle East; or, by (d) overthrowing friendly foreign governments and installing communist regimes, as in Cuba, Nicaragua, and several other mud countries; or, (e) by a combination of these methods, by meddling and interference, the United States has deliberately created refugees, millions of refugees, either real or pseudo. It doesn’t matter which, as long as they have an excuse, they can’t wait to leave the miserable areas they now live in, and they all want to come to the United States, the touted land of milk and honey. And the hordes are coming, by the millions and the tens of millions.
With race traitors like Teddy Kennedy and a host of others fronting for the Jews, Congress has scrapped the once sensible Immigration Act of 1924. It has drastically changed the immigration laws a number of times, starting with the Eisenhower regime. Without reviewing here all the intricacies of all these changes, the net effect now is drastically weighted against any White immigration and heavily favorable to the all of the mud peoples of the world . We not only welcome them, we even send our Navy out to help bring them in, as is the case of the “boat peoples” of Vietnam and other Indonesian countries casting about in the Indian Ocean.
The result is catastrophic. The alien mud hordes are descending upon us like a vast plague of locusts, or like a huge tidal wave. The Vietnamese are coming, the Cubans are coming, the Haitians are coming, the Hindus arc coming (they are now taking over most of the Class
B motels in America), the Pakistanis are coming, the Japs are coming (they have taken over most of Hawaii), the Chinese are coming, there are over 1000 million (a billion) of them, and most of them would like to come to the United States. Not only are all these and more coming, but millions of them are already here. But the biggest invasion of all is from our wide open southern border two thousand miles of it – and the exploding hordes from Mexico in particular, and Central and South America in addition. (Read again “The Festering Ulcer of the Soft Underbelly of the United States” in issue No. 27 of Racial Loyalty.) We are being deluged, and the Jews planned it just that way – years ago.
While the United States is the prime target of all these hordes of mud races, all five billion of them, throughout the world, a major catastrophe is unfolding in the homelands of the mud peoples themselves. The countries of Asia, Africa and South America, where the major population explosions are taking place, are rapidly denuding their forests, destroying their farmlands, polluting and ravaging their own lands to the point where they will soon no longer sustain man or beast.
Our precious Planet is being ravaged and devastated by the exploding hordes, a situation that is painfully irreversible, a situation in which the White Man has a major stake for his own future generations.
But this is a whole new story, one which I would rather expound upon in some future issue.
Meanwhile – What is the Solution?
There is only one solution to this major debacle, and that is for the White Race to get its own act together and take control.
1. First of all it must take control of its own destiny on a worldwide basis, starting right here in the United States. This it can best accomplish by polarizing under a fervent Racial Religion, such as The Church of the Creator has already provided. This we must do by all means, and the
goal is so overwhelmingly clear and crucial, that any means, I repeat, any means is justified.
2. Secondly, having control of its own destiny, the White Race would (and must!) take control of the United States government.
3. Having done so, the first order of business would be to shut off immigration, all immigration. This would entail some drastic, ruthless action on our Southern borders, but so be it. We are being invaded by hordes of hostile aliens and yet we have completely abandoned our right and our duty to defend the sanctity of our borders. Even President Reagan has admitted we have completely lost control of our borders. So why in
the hell doesn’t he take action?
I suggest that we quit playing games, that we set up machine guns, enfilade the entire two thousand mile border with army troops and ruthlessly mow down any wetback that dares to cross the Rio Grande, or any other part of that border. It would be amazing how quickly these harbingers of disease, poverty and anarchy would get the message.
4. Having taken this decisive step, we then must hunt down and expel every illegal alien now in our midst, be they Mexican, Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani or Swahili.
5. This is only the beginning, but from it, and here on in, the battle has already been won. We would then follow through with the rest of the program, as has already been detailed in our Basic Books and several articles in Racial Loyalty, especially Issue No. 28, en- titled “The Black Tide and the Mud Flood Are Upon Us.”
In any case, the whole solution rests upon the White Race polarizing around its own racial religion with a fervency that can only be described as a holy religious war. The Mohammedans have a word for it — Jihad. We must now either wage a Jihad of our own or perish miserably in a worldwide flood of mud, just as surely as 22,500 people in Colombia perished in a local deluge.
Does the above solution, the only solution that is realistic, sound drastic, cruel, ruthless, inhuman?
Well, it depends on whose viewpoint we choose to adopt. The Jews, niggers and Christians will scream that it is. Looking at it from the White Man’s point of view, the only one we Creators are concerned with, it is none of these things. It is mild, reasonable, logical, and in fact, the only one that makes any sense. But let’s compare it to other recent historical events. We have any number to choose from. The Vietnam War, in which we sent 57 thousand of our young men to their deaths over a most frivolous cause, and transported 500 thousand troops halfway around the world to do it, is a case in point. We can compare it to Israel’s aggression into Arab territory and uprooting and killing millions of Arabs. We can compare it with the Communists driving 14 million Germans out of their historical Eastern territory and depriving them of their land. None of the god- damned bleeding hearts that will scream about the plight of the mud races were particularly disturbed about any of THESE atrocities.
But, best of all, let’s compare it to the American moral position in World War II in which they sacrificed life, limb and vast amounts of material wealth to save the world for a continuation of Jewish tyranny.
Unlike the Mexicans that are invading our borders in defiance of law and historical sanctity of borders, the Germans did none of these things to America. In fact, the last thing in the world the Germans wanted was any friction with America. The citizens of the United States at that time, in fact, were and are at present, at least 25 percent of Germanic origin. Yet, we (that is, J.O.G.) mustered an army of 14 million men and women and sent them all the way across the Atlantic ocean to participate in a blood bath that killed at least 50 million people in the most senseless war in history, merely to save the neck of our Jewish oppressors.
Now in comparison, in light of such an abominable atrocity, is it unreasonable, is it immoral, to take stern measures to defend our borders against illegal, aggressive, invading mud peoples that are destroying our homeland, just as surely as the Colombian mud slide destroyed Armero?
No, it is not unreasonable. It is the moat mild, logical and imperative action any sovereign nation has ever taken in the face of a mega-disaster.
It to the least we can do.

So let us not be stupid, and let us not be gulled by the mushy propaganda dumped on us by the Jews, niggers and Christians through their bleeding heart stooges. Rather, let us use our brains and our instincts, and take action! Let us get our act together and save ourselves and our future generations from a vast, worldwide deluge of mud.
The first step: Build the Church of the Creator. Do your part.
* * * * *
For more comprehensive details on the immigration disaster we have an excellent new book available, called “The Immigration Time Bomb.” It
is published by The American Immigration Control Foundation.
* * * * *
Plough money back into your own race. It is the best investment you can make for your own future and that of your children.


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