Rh. Protestantism v Creativity

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 29 – November 1985
Protestantism vs. Creativity – A Comparison

A. Basis of Belief:
There is no one consensus of the Protestant belief, and the nitpicking details and differences vary as to each individual denomination, cult, sect, or even individual churches. Since these run into the tens of thousands, we cannot, of course, detail them here. There is however, a
common denominator, more or less, in them all.
Essentially, their beliefs are based on the Jewish/Christian Bible, which is only slightly different from the Roman Catholic Vulgate edition. Most
Protestant denominations in the past followed the King James Version, rewritten by a group of scholars ca. 1611. It is a partially cleaned-up version of the Roman Catholic Vulgate text, whose language was considered somewhat vulgar, hence Vulgate. Both the grammar and the literary style were greatly improved by these revisions.
Nevertheless, even the King James Version, deodorized as it is, still contains a large number of passages, stories and episodes that are
vulgar, crude, filthy, and in fact, just to list the numbers of such chapters and verses fills several pages. (They are listed in the 1881 edition of Foote & Ball’s Bible Handbook.)
Most of the liberal Protestant churches have now discarded the King James Version in favor of the Revised Standard Version, (R.S.V.) which uses more modern language.
The whole Bible has been translated into English, or revised in the English language more than 50 times, and the New Testament at least 110 times, thereby Ignoring it’s own dictum that not a tittle be added or subtracted from “God’s Word.”
CREATIVITY, in contrast, repudiates the whole superstition! contention that our lives are governed by a passel of spooks hovering over and around us, monitoring our every action, deed, word and thought. Instead, our creed and program are based on the realities of the universe in which we live, on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on logic and common sense. These eternal truths are set forth in our three basic books. Nature’s Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible, and Salubrious Living.
B. Goals and Objectives:
The Reformers (Martin Luther, Calvin, etc.) were zealots whose proclaimed objectives were salvation for themselves and saving the souls of others, even if they had to use the thumbscrew and rack to whip the others into their line of thinking. The   day Protestant churches,
strongly under Jewish influence, have now pretty well abandoned the salvation-for-the-hereafter business, and are hell bent on pursuing several issues, of which racial equality and race-mixing are now the most strident, urgent social gospels. (The media calls it Secular
Humanism, another one of those Jewish terms that most people are confused about; but basically it means promoting sex, race-mixing, feeding the niggers and the scum of the world at the expense of the White Race, of course, while at the same time denouncing and
undermining the White Race itself at every turn.)
Creativity, on the other hand, strongly denounces race-mixing and promotes the goal of racial purity for the White Race. In fact, its sole concern is for the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone, seeking to bring meaning and order into a now degenerate, confused and chaotic world. We strive to build a Whiter and Brighter World.
C. Some Proclaimed Differences Between the Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic church:
From the traditional Catholic point of view, Protestantism was, and is, a heresy, a willful departure from the divinely revealed doctrines and institutions of THE CHURCH, leading to apostasy from THE TRUE FAITH and to obliteration of the rules of Christian life.
From the Protestant point of view, according to the reformers, it was the Catholic church, which, on the contrary, deviated from the revealed teaching and discipline of original Christianity and thus from the living, mystical body of Christ. By hypertrophic growth of its institutional machinery, the medieval church stiffened the life of the spirit. It made of salvation a kind of mass production of sacramental and devotional
external practices and pseudo-ascetic ways of life. Above all, it usurped the powers of the spirit to the benefit of the clerical caste and thus
opened the door to all kinds of abuses and to the exploitation of the Christian people by a corrupt clerical bureaucracy which had its center in a papal Rome, whose moral debasement was the scandal of Christianity.
So there. Take your pick.
D. Racial Attitude: There are still a few fundamental churches that favor racial separation, but that minority is small and dwindling. Most Protestant denominations, especially the World Council of Churches, The National Council of Churches, the liberal churches and even most of the fundamental churches are now going all out to promote race-mixing, and to please and appease the Jews. Most churches, such as Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority” (who claim to be fundamentalists), knock themselves silly to promote Israel and the idea that the Jews are “God’s Chosen people.”
CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is striving to the limits of its resources to get the parasitic Jews off of our backs, and pursuing a sound and healthy program of EUGENICS for the upgrading of the White Race.


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