Rf. A hateful diatribe

This hostile  article relating to the book “Expanding Creativity” was published next in the series of essays by Ben Klassen in the work “Rahowa, This planet is all ours.”

Along the Trail … A hateful diatribe surfaces
By Tony Weitzel
BOB NABER PHONED. I was asleep. It was night. He apologized for that. But he was terribly upset. I couldn’t blame him. He is a bright, rational guy and he knows about people and history from George Washington to Adolph Hitler. An odd little paperback book out of North
Carolina was almost making him upchuck.
He found the little paperback by accident. He was on Fifth Avenue in Naples between one prestigious bank and almost next to another prestigious bank.
He happened to pass a news rack in front of a supermarket. There in the rack were six paperback books that obviously didn’t belong there.
The book was titled, “Expanding Creativity, a Powerful Religious Creed dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of Nature’s
THE AUTHOR’S name was “Ben Klassen, P.M., Founder, Church of the Creator,” and on the first inside page it said. Expanding Creativity was an “idea whose time has come.”
The book has 254 pages and it apparently was composed of the first 12 issues of something called “Racial Loyalty, published by the Church of the Creator; P. 0. Box 400; Otto, North Carolina; 28763. Dedicated to the younger generation of Nature’s Finest. It is into your hands we have thrown the torch. It is you who will have the awesome burden, but also reap the glory of fighting the battle for the survival of your race and of
civilization itself.”
Bob read the paperback, getting more nauseated by the minute. It seemed to be a startling sort of revival of the stuff the little paperhanger named Hitler got going in the beer halls of Munich, in that dreadfully hungry period after the big war.
THERE IS, in this dogma, only one race worthy of being carried on into the future. That is the White Race. The Jews Hitler hated and murdered by millions?
After 65 years, the book says, “the Jewish onslaught rages on. Violence against our church!”
But the paperback composed by these Neo-Nazis insists that these new Nazis are not atheists, but creators of a new all-White credo. And there is the Hitler appeal to youth motif. There is, in the paperback lexicon, provision for a school for gifted boys.
Eventually, however gifted, boys will be boys so there is a notion of establishing a “Cupid’s Corner”.
And a slogan, “Come out of the closet. White Man, your fear of the Jew is highly paranoid!”
The Jew, says the little paperback book, is “stealing our most precious treasures, our genetic heritage!”
The little paperback considers Adolph Hitler as “the master organizer of all time!”
It analyzes Hitler’s Chapter IX (Book II) on “Propaganda and Organization,” and how Hitler strategy can be applied to the Neo Nazi group.
“WE ARE NOT helpless,” the paperback says. “The White Race is not using one percent of its tremendous resources. Properly organized and
harnessed, our potential is beyond comparison. Let us use our muscle!”
My friend Bob, already sick at heart, found there was more, and worse Neo-Nazi philosophy.
“The White Race,” the Neo-Nazi digest drools on, “in its six thousand years of civilization has never had such a core to polarize around that concerned the White Race as such. Never, that is, until a little more than a decade ago when Creativity appeared on the scene.
“Remember, everything that was good and sensitive on the face of the planet was done by the White Race.”
“We have it all! Now let us do the sensible thing and channel our resources to our own benefit.”
At about that point, Bob decided he should phone me. I should know about the little paperback and the Neo-Nazi who published it.
So he bundled all but one copy of the paperback (priced at $5.00 each) to the trash can. Then he phoned me at home where I had just given up on the Chicago Bears and Dallas. He said, “Tony, you wouldn’t believe the sort of spiritual filth that is being peddled right here in Naples.”
WE MADE A DATE and Bob brought the book to my office. It was, he sighed, an ancient chapter out of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi credo. It was a bloody echo of the hatred that fueled the ovens in the Nazi death camps and murdered the good people who had fled into the sewers of Warsaw.
Hitler’s Nazis fought their way to the very banks of the Volga River, at Stalingrad, and then his hungry, frozen army literally fell apart.
After the awful war Hitler started, I trudged the banks of the Volga at Stalingrad and I talked to Poles in Warsaw who had given food to little children who crawled out of the sewers to find food for their families.
And I visited the death camps where Jews languished until death left nothing but brittle, charred bones.
Bob and I agreed, there is no room for Nazis, new style or old style.


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