Rd. Greek Orthodoxy. v. Creativity Religion

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 28 – September 1985
Objective of Our Comparison Series

1. To illustrate by means of detailed comparison that in CREATIVITY we have finally achieved a genuine, bona fide, comprehensive racial
religion for the White Race that is the equal of, or superior to, any religion in history.
2. That our religion makes more sense, is more logical, is more complete and better planned and organized; it is, in fact, more effectively
structured than any of the established old “great” religions of the world.
3. That in order to survive at all, the White Race must now polarize around its own racial religion.
4. To convince all the polyglot and diverse White racial groups and leaders that in CREATIVITY lies the salvation of the White Race and the
sooner we unite under the banner of Creativity, the sooner we will be on our way in waging an effective battle for the survival of the White
Think about it. If not Creativity, what else is there?
* * * * *
Let me ask you – does it make any sense to have “deep and abiding faith” in any religion, creed, belief or theory that has neither evidence or
logic to support it?

* * * * *
Don’t be a passive spectator. Become a militant activist in the White Racial revolution.

* * * * *

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 28 – September 1985
Greek Orthodoxy vs. Creativity – A Comparison

A. Basis of Belief.
Greek Orthodoxy is based on its Roman Catholic origins, which, in turn, are based on a polyglot collection of myths, legends and other ancient religions that preceded it.
Besides having its origins from (and incorporating) the Jewish Old Testament, the New Testament is largely a re-hash of the suicidal teachings of the Essenes. This was a minor Jewish cult outside the Jewish mainstream that existed in Quram, on the shores of the Dead Sea. It propounded such self-destructive ideas as love your enemies, sell all thou hast and give it to the scum, and a host of other idiotic teachings that were supposedly taught by Jesus Christ. However, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other historic evidence indicate that the Christian church plagiarized all these teachings from the Essenes, a Jewish cult that existed between 100 B.C.E. to 100 C.E., then died out.
CREATIVITY, in contrast, is based on the realities of the universe in which we find ourselves. By using logic and common sense, and trying to learn from the mistakes of mankind in past history. Creativity is trying to solve the multitude of problems that now beset the White Race, and the world as a whole. Creativity rejects the silly superstitions and premises that we are at the mercy of a passel of unseen spooks and spirits floating around and controlling our destiny here on earth, and especially in a supposed “next” world, an idiotic fantasy so fondly embraced by the Roman Catholic church, the Greek Orthodox church, and the thousands of other Christian cults and offshoots.
B. Goals and Objectives.
Since the Greek Orthodox churches are (unlike the Roman church) so fragmented in their control and organization, it is hard to find any central objective that all the different churches cling to, other than perhaps to intrude upon, and control the lives of their superstitious victims, and establish a power base for the polyglot mass of their hierarchies. A side issue perhaps might be claimed that they are trying to save the souls of their supporters from going to hell, but if the church had never invented this lame-brained idea in the first place, their gullible victims need never have worried about saving themselves from this fictitious monster in the first place.
CREATIVITY, on the other hand, does not engage in playing the silly spooks-in-the-sky game. Instead it focuses on the real problems of the world and seeks to organize and build a better world for the White Race.
C. Some proclaimed differences between the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox churches.
1. The Roman Catholic church holds that the holy spirit proceeds “and from the Son” (a doctrine known as the “filioque” clause), as well as from the Father. Eastern Orthodoxy believes that the holy spirit proceeds only “from the Father.” (Big Deal.)
2. Roman Catholicism affirms the existence of a purgatory, in addition to a heaven and a hell. Eastern Orthodoxy does not accept the idea of a purgatory, though it does believe in an intermediate state between heaven and hell where souls experience a foretaste of the bliss or the punishment that will eventually be theirs. (Big Deal.)
3. The Roman Catholic church believes in the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, a doctrine that Eastern Orthodoxy does not accept. Eastern Orthodoxy holds that only Christ was conceived and born without original sin, that the Virgin Mary was cleansed of it on Annunciation
Day. (Big Deal.)
4. The Roman Catholic dogma that the body of the Virgin Mary “was taken up into heaven” (declared by Pope Pius XII) is not subscribed to by Eastern Orthodoxy, which does not believe in such a physical assumption. (Big Deal.)
5. Eastern Orthodoxy does not recognize the saints canonized by the Catholic church after the schism of 1054, unless these saints have also been proclaimed by Eastern Orthodox synods. (Big Deal.)
D. Racial Attitude.
Greek Orthodoxy is completely devoid of any loyalty to the White Race and, in fact, is hostile to it. Like the Roman Church of its origin, it is now completely engrossed in the Jewish program of race-mixing, and encompasses many of the baser elements of our race.
CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is dedicated to the best interests of the White Race and the White Race, alone. It has pledged its total loyalty to the White Race and the building of a Whiter and Brighter World.
E. Organizational Structure.
Unlike the Roman Church, the Greek Orthodox Church does not have one central pope and authority. While originally trying to emulate the
monolithic structure of the Roman Catholic Church, it is now a hodge-podge of different authorities. Since much of its original structure is now behind the Iron Curtain, Communist commissars control most of its present organizational hierarchy.
CREATIVITY is based on the Leadership Principle and seeks to purge the world of Communism and Jewish control, completely and forever

The Search for The Great Promoter Continues – Only More Intensely!

In Issue No. 10, I had a key editorial on the front page of Racial Loyalty entitled, “The Search For The Great Promoter.” That search is still continuing and becoming more urgent.
We believe we have the most meaningful creed, religion, program and movement for the REDEMPTION and RESURRECTION of the White Race in all its tumultuous and botched-up history. The foundations are all laid, the dies are cast, the creed and program are completed. My life’s work, for all practical purposes, is finished.
At age 67, we now need a dynamic promoter to expand, proliferate and promote the product. For 15 years now, at an age when I should have been retired and smelling the roses, I have been carrying most of the load, both financially and promotionally. It is obvious that I cannot
continue indefinitely, and the time has come to make a replacement. We now need someone half my age, with twice the energy to promote the hell out of it to all the far corners of the world. Remember, the Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople when he was only 21. The White Race must survive! Examine your own credentials and your own conscience. Are you perhaps that man?
We now need someone younger to take my place as editor. We need more people in the hustings setting up church groups of their own. We need organizers. We need more, more, more, in every category. But most of all it now becomes urgent that we soon find a replacement for me and get the movement in high gear on a permanent, expanding and self-perpetuating basis. We need your support and dedication!
* * * * *
We Creators intend to reclaim this Planet for Nature’s Finest — the White Race.

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 28 – September 1985
Your Editor is Going on R&R

For health reasons your editor is taking off a month to recuperate and recharge his batteries. During September I will be going to a Health Resort on a two week fast, followed by two weeks of breaking the fast and rebuilding.
Publication of RACIAL LOYALTY will be suspended during the month of October. We will resume with Issue No. 29 in November.
In the meantime, our Hasta Primus, Rev. Messick, will be in charge of the store and promoting the movement as always. He will be answering your letters, filling your orders for books, booklets, bulk copies of Racial Loyalty, records, video tapes, and any other materials you may need.
So don’t slow down — keep the momentum moving! Keep promoting, keep distributing! We need all the help we can get, including your financial contributions.
* * * * *
It is the goal of Creativity to instill in every White man, woman and child a deep and lasting consciousness of their great racial heritage.
* * * * *
CREATIVITY — A White Man’s Religion – is the Total Answer to Jewish Christianity.
* * * * *
What White Man in his right mind would like to see this Planet Earth flooded and overrun with billions of niggers? It’s happening.
* * * * *
The culling process is absolutely essential for the survival and health of any and every species.


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