Rk. Promoting a jewish hoax

Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 30 – December 1985

Promoting a Jewish Hoax

Before we go silly again glorifying a Jewish spook that never was, let us examine this annual hoax.
The above story sums up in a nutshell what fuels the buying splurge in which the average White goyim is caught up annually and perennially. Starting right after Thanksgiving (and many stores can’t even wait that long) the biggest propaganda campaign of the year lets loose full blast – buy! buy! buy! from the Jew-owned department stores and all the other stores, 90 percent of which are Jew-owned.
The pressure build-up is tremendous. If you don’t succumb to the Jewish campaign to buy, whether you like it or not, something for all your friends and relatives, whether they can use it or not, why, you are a Scrooge, a penny pincher, a tightwad, and not in the proper “spirit” of Christmas. Just so you will never forget what a reprehensible character Scrooge was, Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is trotted out at the proper time with great fan- fare. This happens BEFORE Christmas, year after year. You can depend on it.
So, before we again are overwhelmed with this Jewish outpouring of mushy spirit – let us ask some sensible questions.
What is Christmas all about? Why should we spend all this time, money and hocus-pocus glorifying a Jewish hoax that never was? Wouldn’t it be a lot more sensible to utilize the same time, energy, money and zeal promoting some of our own White racial heroes and values?
Yes, it would. Let us first look at the history of the Jewish hoax. Let us collect our senses and ask: What is Christmas all about?
Well, supposedly we goyim are all overcome with deep religious awe and sentimental gush and are celebrating the birthday of Christ, our Saviour, who supposedly came down from heaven (via Mary’s womb) to save all of us poor rotten sinners from a fate of fire and brimstone, and we supposedly are all thankful as hell that he was so charitable.
Save us sinners from hell? Really?
There are so many flaws in this whole fictitious fairytale that it would make your head swim when we go beyond the first gushy, childish euphoria as to what Christmas is all about.
In the first place, there is no evidence, no claim even by the gullible Christians that they “know” what date Christ was born. It is only a date picked at random, since the adulators wanted to celebrate his “birth” and had to have some date, any date.
Why did they pick December 25?
Well, there was a good reason for that. Many pagan (White) peoples already had a long standing tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice at about that time of year, and it was a well establish- ed traditional holiday.
The Romans, for example, had had a long-standing religious tradition of celebrating December 25 as the birth of the sun god.
The Catholic church wanted to do away with this “pagan” festival, but Emperor Constantine refused the church’s request, claiming it was too popular. He finally did accede to the church’s request for a law freeing all slaves who accepted Christianity, and renounced the sun fest. However, these converts continued to celebrate the sun festival and in 345 A.D., under Liberius, the bishop of Rome, the December 25 date was declared a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Christ. Previous to this the church had taken the stand that it was sinful to celebrate Christ’s birthday, since the date was unknown.
The Christian oligarchy, being led by Master Sneaks of all time, decided it was more expedient to turn an existing tradition to the glory of their movement, than to try to fight it and set up a completely new tradition. This they succeeded in doing with overwhelming success.
They did the same thing with Easter, which was already a well established tradition. For years the White peoples had celebrated the Spring Equinox, the fertility of new crops and new growth, the rites of spring and similar ideas.
So we, the White pagans, were hoaxed from a long-standing custom of celebrating traditional White holidays, and converting them into (Jewish) Christian holidays, including honoring a Jew from the seed of David, whose birth date we do not know. But let us move on. There are many more deceptions in this picture.
Not only does nobody know what day of the year the Jewish Saviour was supposedly born, but nobody even knows what year, either. And that
isn’t all. The fact is, nobody “knows” whether he was born at all, or whether “he” is just another hocus-pocus myth, like Santa Claus, or Mother Goose and Hi-diddle-diddle The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.
Now considering the tremendous impact Christianity has had on the fortunes (or rather misfortunes, to be more correct) of the White Race, you
would think that some researchers and historians would go to some considerable trouble to track down this mighty historic event and resolve once and for all: did this Jewish teacher, preacher, “Son of God”, “Saviour”, (or whatever) actually live or didn’t he?
I would like to think this one point would be rather important – no Christ, then all is a hoax. It’s similar to somebody giving you a million dollar
check. I believe it would be damned important to determine if the check were for real, or if the check was a phony, without a cent in the bank to back it up. I would think any sensible person would want to determine this issue as quickly as possible.
Well, I for one have spent a lot of time and research doing just that. I have already written any number of chapters on the subject such as, “Christ’s Existence not substantiated by Historical Evidence”, and “The Spooks in the Sky Swindle”, and many others. Many other historians and researchers have done an even more thorough search into the genuine annals of history, and they have come up with the same answer as
have 1. There is not a scintilla of evidence that such a figure as Christ ever existed; that the stories told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are phony as hell. Not only phony, but contradict each other on dozens of important points. Not only are their garbled stories as fictitious as Santa Claus, Mother Goose and the Tooth Fairy, but there is no historical evidence throwing any light on who Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were, where they lived, or if, in fact, they ever lived at all.

All we have are myths, stories, hearsay, much gullibility and deception. In fact, the oldest “documents” regarding the authenticity of their scripts date no further back than about 400 A.D. Four hundred years between an event and a report is a pretty hefty gap.
Alright, no Christ, no Savior, no Christmas. But nevertheless, we, through repeated mind manipulation and programming are stuck with a
traditional holiday that really moves billions of dollars worth of merchandise every year. It also has a multitude of other significant ramifications.
So let us probe further as to what kind of a traditional holiday we are stuck with, what are we really celebrating.
Well, for one thing we are celebrating a hoax, and a Jewish hoax at that. And the joke is on us.
The Jewish mind manipulator, Saul of Tarsus, the Christian’s St. Paul, did more than any other man in history to put this hoax across and sell it to the goyim. That is why the Jews are so grateful to him when they count their shekels the day after Christmas. And well they should be.
There is no other event (or non-event) in the business world (mostly monopolized by Jews) that generates as much force-fed business as does
Christmas. It is the biggest shot in the arm any department store (or thousands of other stores) get to hype their business. To many stores it means the difference between making money and staying in business or going broke. Many stores do half their volume of business before the Christmas season and many make the total year’s profit from just Christmas sales. So the gimmick the Jew-boy Saul, stirred up is not to be sneezed at. No wonder his co-religionists are eternally grateful to him for this innovative gimmick.
Now let us look at it from the White Man’s point of view, as we Creators are inclined to do on every issue, and ask a few questions:
1. Should an intelligent White Man join in promoting a Jewish hoax, of which the White Race is the prime target?
2. Even though we realize that Christ per se is a myth, should a proud and race conscious White Man join in glorifying a mythical “hero” who is Jewish?
3. If you know the truth, do you think that under any circumstances it is morally justifiable to lie to yourself (and/or others) if you think that nurturing the deception will make you (and/or others) happier?
From the Church of the Creator’s point of view, we would like to pose the following unanswered questions of those Christians who profess to “believe” these Jewish stories:
1. Did Christ’s supposed dying and being nailed to the cross really “save” all the sinners?
2. If so, why are there thousands of varieties of confused preachers running about imploring you to come to their church and put money in their collection plate?
3. If Christ did the job two thousand years ago, why do we need all these bumbling preachers today to do the job all over again?
4. According to the criteria of all these blubbering preachers, and according to the New Testament itself, just about everybody in the world
today, two thousand years later, is going to hell anyway. How do you explain that?
5. If Christ and/or his pappy arc so anxious to “save” us all from hell, why did he/they construct the abominable monstrosity in the first place?
6. If the Devil is the root of all evil, why doesn’t the all-powerful Lord wipe him out once and for all, instead of relentlessly and repeatedly putting the monkey on our back? (See “The Phony Fight Ruse” in January, 1984, Issue of Racial Loyalty.)
What sensible answers any intelligent Christian can come up with I haven’t the slightest idea. I have never heard them do so. since all their premises at best are based on superstition and gullibility, on mawkish myth and hocus-pocus. Nevertheless, I would be interested in hearing some, but will not hold my breath in the meantime.
But the key question I would like to ask these befuddled Christians is this:
7. If it came to a showdown of either defending the White Race, or the Jewish myth of Christianity, which side would you choose?

This may sound like a hypothetical question, but I want to assure you that most decidedly it is not. Before this century is over, in fact, even this decade, many a White Man is going to be pushed to the wall in the upheavals of our society and will have to come to grips with that question.
* * * * *
Just about now I can hear some bleeding heart slopped with mawkish sentimentality exclaim, “Aw! Aw! Gee! Aw! Aw! Do away with Christmas? Klassen wants to kill Santa Claus!”
Well, no. Relax. I’m a good sensible and sentimental fellow myself. I don’t want to kill anybody, least of all Santa Claus, and for two good reasons.
1. You can’t kill somebody that doesn’t exist.
2. I don’t even want to do away with the mythical Santa Claus either, since (a) at least he is not a Jewish character (b) his origins are a derivation from the German Kris Kringle, as explained earlier, and therefore. White.
But, I do want to: Abolish all this Jewish commercialism that surrounds Christmas; to explode the Jewish hoax of celebrating the birth date of a Jew, any Jew, for the same reason I will not celebrate the birth date of Martin Lucifer Koon; to expose the outrageous nonsense about a none-event that never happened, and try to get the White Race back to sense and reality, back to their own rich heritage and values.
In this context, I make the following suggestions in building up our own healthy White racial religion:
1. Let us keep the events of Christmas and Easter at the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox respectively, but let us turn the tables on the Jewish hoaxsters: Let us turn them back into White holidays. Let us give them new names, names completely removed from any Jewish taint.
2. As far as Santa Claus is concerned, let future custom and preference decide, but let us separate this myth from all Jewish and Christian connotation.
3. Let us take the commercialism completely out of these and any other holiday, and emphasize instead the spiritual, traditional and genetic strength of our own White culture.
4. If we are going to celebrate and honor folk heroes, let us make certain they are White, of our own race and culture, whether such characters are mythical or historical.
5. Let us begin now in building traditional holidays for the advancement of the White Man’s culture, and shun all others.
6. Boycott all Jewish businesses, whether they be stores, real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, politicians, writers or whatever.
* * * * *
This Christmas, instead of throwing your hard earned money into the coffers of the Jewish department stores and buying a lot of “presents” that nobody needs, why not consider a new approach. In- stead of succumbing to Jewish propaganda commercializing Christmas “in order to glorify” a Christ that never existed, a non- event that never occurred, why not help promote The Church of the Creator and the White racial movement? We cannot carry on without financial and moral support. We need all the help we can get in building the School for Gifted Boys, in putting out RACIAL LOYALTY, and meeting the thousand and one other demands made upon us. Don’t support a Jewish hoax. This year, instead of enriching the Jewish department stores, why not change course and spend some of it disseminating the racial idea. Give some of our Basic Books as presents. They will cost you less, have much more long-lasting, constructive benefits; and you will be doing something meaningful for your own culture, your own kind, your own religion. I repeat, we need all the help we can get.
* * * * *
Creativity is the most constructive thing that has happened to the White Race since civilization. Help realize the benefits.

* * * * *

You can lead a man to enlightenment, but you can’t make him think!

* * * * *

Remember, without the White Race the Jews and other mud races would be nothing, but without the mud races and left to its own destiny the
White Race would be a marvel.


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