The Book “RAHOWA! This Planet Is All Ours” was first published in 1987 by the Church of The Creator. A Religion founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 C.E.

It contained some of the most original, controversial and thought provoking essays ever written by perhaps the greatest , most incisive mind of the Age.

The essays are presented here in their original form for both education and the purposes of historical documentation.

So controversial was the Book that the United States legal system ( that gives the impression it believes in freedom of speech/expression and “does nor burn books” yet permits all kinds of pornography free licence ) demanded that¬†¬† all of the books be seized, pulped, destroyed and committed to landfill.

In defiance of censorship and in the name of true freedom of speech the essays are presented here.

The header at the top of the page lists the essays in order as they appear in the book. Correction of any spellings I might have missed would be appreciated.

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